Tao Semko with Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD

Tao teaches courses in Inner Tantric Yogas, Alchemical Qigong, and Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process worldwide, both online and via local workshops.

Registration for any of Tao’s online programs, in-person classes, or workshops, requires completing a simple application process which includes answering an applicant questionnaire, 3 references, and doing a Skype interview with Tao, and acceptance by Tao as a student.

Online Programs:

1) Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group
Online community and practice group, with live streaming classes/practices each month via Zoom.us, Open Q&A and Discussion most weeks via video and text chat, a dedicated Facebook group and Zoom.us text chat for socializing and sharing, a host of prerecorded instructional and practice materials (over 100 hours), and access to still more exclusive instructional video and audio, and video and audio guided practices, via paid tuition or credits accumulated via social sadhana challenges. Materials available for purchase or credits include the College of Tantric Yogas course curriculum, a host of sadhanas including mantra sadhanas, Deity Yoga sadhanas, Hatha, Kriya, Laya, and Maithuna/KarmaMudra sadhanas, all of the original recordings from the U.T. Tantric Inner Circle, and more… hundreds of hours in total.
US$24.95/ month, with a US$100 initiation fee that covers registration, first month, and the evergreen media for the group.

Complete description and information on the Practitioner Group and contents of the members-only media stores:

2) Tao’s Mentorship Program: Mentorship in the embodied, integrated cultivation of all aspects of energy and consciousness – For advanced practitioners wanting personal instruction in higher yogas, individuals coming to Tao with unmanaged kundalini syndrome in need of structured recovery and integration advice, and more..

Complete description and information on Tao’s Mentorship Program:

3) Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP): Live Streaming Interactive Online Classes, Pre-recorded Streaming Online Classes, and in-person Workshops and Retreats. Explanation of Dr. Morris’s KAP (an internal alchemy)

  1. Register for Tao’s KAP Level 1
  2. Register for Tao’s KAP Level 2* *For graduates of KAP 1 only
  3. Register for Tao’s KAP Level 3** **For graduates of KAP 2 only
  4. Register for Tao’s KAP Level 4*** ***For graduates of KAP 3 only

– all of the above linked KAP pages include re-attend discount links for prior graduates.

Live In-Person Workshops

Live events and workshops on Kundalini Awakening Process, Alchemical Qigong, Ideokinesis, Tantric Yogas (Hatha, Kriya, Laya, Maithuna/Karmamudra, Raja, Trul Khor, Deity Yoga, Candali, Mahamudra, more)


Please support our Philanthropy in honor of the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s efforts during his lifetime by assisting those in need in the wake of war, famine, social breakdown, and natural disaster through our Mercy Corps fundraising pages here:
Dr. Glenn J Morris Kap Philanthropy.

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