Membership in the UmaaTantra Practitioner Community is available through application.

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“By registering, I certify that:
I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional. I understand that each core curriculum class in the Distance Learning Course is a set of twenty four recorded video classes, and that i am expected to interact with the instructor regularly during scheduled appointments using skype or phone to receive maximum benefit. I understand the Class Refund and Cancellation Policy
Read and Approve Policy Here

Our Class Cancellation Policy, and stop-and-start policy:
Cancel at any time via email. Your request will be honored within 3 business days.

We recognize that personal and professional experiences may temporarily infringe on one’s education and practice. Students of all our courses may stop and start their billing at will, by making an email request, which will be honored within 3 business days. Accumulation of the course materials within the student’s personal pages of will stop and start along with billing.

We reserve the right to re-schedule or postpone any live course session or Q&A, but will only do so under extreme circumstances as we realize the inconvenience this poses to the students.

We also reserve the right to terminate any student’s tuition if they are not treating the courses, their fellow students, or their instructors, with basic human dignity, kindness, and respect. Piracy of intellectual property is grounds for immediate release from the program, and possible legal action.

I approve of the above policies and certify these things on my word.”

Questions? Please email us at info @ UmaaTantra . com (remove spaces)

Enrolled students, Office Hours via Skype Calls: To schedule one or more free Skype calls, please go to to set an appointment and receive confirmation. Our office time zone is Eastern Time, USA.

Skype: kap_with_tao

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