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The Deer Exercises:
Female Deer Exercise
Male Deer Exercise

Pelvic Floor exercisers for becoming multi-orgasmic and having greater sexual energy control: flex, relax, and breathe deeply!

Three basic styles for Women:

1. Start off with strengthening your squeeze:

The Gyneflex… is the most recommended by female columnists and bloggers, with the Kegelmaster a close second…

2. Then use a Cylinder or “Barbell” for learning pompoir (the milking” wavelike action within the vaginal canal)

Natural Contours 2013 Energie Kegel Exerciser

Kegelcisor – Kegel exerciser

Berman Center Juno Weighted Pelvic Exercisor

3. and then, when you become more expert, learn the taoist “egg” exercises so you can gain more specific control and better vaginal reflexology massage:

Drilled Jade Egg From HealingTaoUSA.com

Jack Johnston’s KMSO method for increasing male and female orgasmic response and relaxation using breath and sound practice:
Male Multiple Orgasm: Step-by-Step (4th Edition UPDATED for WOMEN-2007)

Aneros prostate/perineum massager for Men:

The Aneros hands-free prostate and perineum massager…

These simple urologist-designed devices made of surgical-grade plastic allow you to simultaneously relax and strengthen the entire pelvic floor (a cure for premature ejaculation), teaches non-ejaculatory orgasm, de-congests the prostate,and allows the male to learn to isolate the urethral and anal contractions to control the effortless sublimation of energy upwards. Remember to integrate deep breathing!

If you’re opposed to putting something small “up there” just remember… 1. you will take your sexual enjoyment and self-control to a whole new level by training all of your pelvic muscles to work together, and 2. that regular prostate massage has been shown to reduce incidence of prostate and colon cancer to almost 0%

Start with the MGX or SGX and graduate to the Eupho, which is smallest and requires the most muscle integration…

Better foods for orgasm:
Steamed, Sauteed, Baked and raw whole foods, lots of Omega-3 Fatty acids (Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil is best, but if you’re vegetarian, blue green algae and avocado are great sources), along with magnesium, selenium, and zinc supplements

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-3 is fantastically pure, smells and tastes great, and works!

4-10 capsules daily is optimal for brain and sexual chemistry… the latest studies show large doses of fish oil help improve vision, heart disease, brain function/IQ, “good” cholesterol, orgasmic potential, and more. However, the most recent study (published in JAMA) contradicts earlier anti-cancer evidence…

Cranial-Sacral Therapy (“Soft Touch Therapy,” also written as Cranio-Sacral Therapy) on DVD from Amazon.com:

Cranial-Sacral Therapy DVD

More coming soon! Stay tuned…

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