Please apply for admission to Tao’s Mentorship Program, Live Classes, Workshops, Practitioner Community, and online multimedia course and sadhana library using the process bulleted below:

  1. Email your answered applicant questionnaire.
  2. Request 3 references to be emailed in by friends, relatives, mentors, business associates, or coworkers
  3. Schedule and do an relaxed, two-way video interview with Tao Semko
  4. Acknowledge that you agree to abide by our student-teacher agreement
  5. Acceptance for course admission by Tao
  6. Make Your Tuition payment, or begin your payment subscription:
    • Practitioner Community (from which you may register for College of Tantric Yogas courses, as well as Tao’s other live and prerecorded programs, including the old Tantric Inner Circle recordings)
    • Dr. Glenn J Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process
    • Tao’s Mentorship Program: invoiced via email
  7. Begin your learning!