Programs for the integrated exploration and joyful cultivation of the full spectrum of human experience, personal, trans-personal, transcendent, immanent, and non-dual.



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  • Managing Somatized Consciousness: the body geography of stress & stress management
  • Esoteric Exoterica: physiological secrets of body, consciousness, and sexuality, hidden in plain view.
  • Tao Semko’s Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group
  • The College of Tantric Yogas
  • Scientific Samyama: physiological direct routes to integrated concentration, meditation, and absorption (dharana, dhyana, samadhi)
  • Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel Cultivation
  • Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved KundaliniAwakening Process.
  • Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s HoshinTao ChiKung

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