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Dr. Morris’s Method is backed by 45+ years of empirical testing and success. It helps those with pre-existing kundalini syndrome to find balance and full integration, and it helps novices and longtime cultivators not only awaken kundalini fully and permanently, but deeply integrate and mature their process.
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(Level One is the solo practice containing everything one needs to safely, smoothly, fully awaken kundalini, and permanently integrate kundalini with all the axial in-body centers, using embodied, non-dogmatic, physiologically-based methods that encompass breath, emotion, sensation, perception, movement, proprioception, and more.)

This website hosts programs for the integrated exploration and joyful cultivation of the full spectrum of human conscious experience: personal, trans-personal, transcendent, immanent, and non-dual.

I teach integrated, embodied, nuanced, lighthearted cultivation of all the layers or sheaths of consciousness – physical and breath culture, subtle energy cultivation, emotional cultivation, cultivation of both intuition and logic, and cultivation of intrinsic awareness and primordial and phenomenal consciousness.


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