Apply to Learn with Tao

Please apply for admission to any of Tao’s programs by completing the process bulleted below:

  • Email your answered applicant questionnaire. to info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces)
  • Schedule and do a relaxed, two-way video interview with Tao Semko
  • Email Tao quoting and acknowledging our student-teacher agreement
  • Request 3 references to be emailed in by friends, relatives, mentors, business associates, or coworkers to info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces)
  • Acceptance for course admission by Tao
  • Make Your Tuition payment, or begin your payment subscription by contacting Tao to make credit card payment, or to receive a Paypal Invoice or Paypal subscription link.
  • Begin your learning!

A note on Early Registration Discount Deadlines: If you are trying to get payment in before an early registration discount deadline, you may always make payment prior to completing the rest of your application process. Your payment will be promptly refunded if you are turned down, or if you do not complete your registration by the main registration deadline.