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USER AGREEMENT (May 07, 2018):

Login and use of the password-protected portions of this site constitute agreement to the following statements and license:

“I am in good mental and physical health, and I will consult my physician before starting any new program of exercise, breathing, or mental or verbal exercises.”

I understand that all text, audio, and video materials provided within this passworded site are licensed for my personal use only, and at the instructor’s sole discretion, the use of my spouse/ life partner, and that the license is non-transferable. I understand that said materials, and any logins and passwords to them, are not to be shared, posted, bit-torrented, sold, or transferred by any means in electronic or hard copy, and that any materials kept in or delivered by the cloud must be password protected from any outside use.

I recognize that learning methods taught within this site is NOT authorization to teach any of them, and that future authorization to teach may only be granted, entirely at the say-so of Tao Semko, and stated exclusively on the Faculty page of the website for KAP, or for Tantric Yoga. I understand there is never an additional fee for becoming a KAP instructor, only an additional set of expectations of service, ability, wisdom, knowledge and integrity.

I understand that I must participate in the interactive aspects of the tuition-based courses to receive all the benefits of those courses.

I understand that once I am accepted as a student in any tuition-based course, I must make payment as agreed for any particular program, and there are no cancellation refunds. If necessary, I may notify the instructor that I wish to pause while taking a course, and resume later, but payment is still due as agreed.

When Tao Semko accepts a tuition student, he agrees: to teach the student in good faith as long as the student follows safety instructions for the practices taught and treats him or herself, other practitioners, the KAP materials, the Instructors, fellow beings, and the legacy of Dr. Morris with human decency and respect.

Should the student repeatedly act in a manner that is disturbing or hazardous to her/himself and/or others, intentionally disregard safety instructions for practice, infringe on copyright or intellectual properties, or cease to respect Tao or his instructors’ time and efforts, Tao may formally cease instruction of that student through written or electronic notification, with no refund.

I acknowledge the above statements and certify the above on my word when I login in to”

Please note, if you use the “Forgot Password” option below and do not receive a password retrieval email in a timely manner, please check your spam folder or alternate inboxes first, and if there is still nothing, please email info1 @ taosemko .com (remove spaces) for a manual reset. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience!