Please email Tao at appointments @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) with your availability Monday through Thursday, 12noon to 8:30pm, US EDT (UTC-4 time zone) for a 15 minute informal two-way video interview.

Video Meeting Platform:
Due to quality issues with the recent updates of Skype, Tao is now using as his free videochat platform.

Here is a video on how to join the video meeting (please click here).

Tao will email you the Meeting Room ID to use (and current password, if any) when you make your appointment.

Admissions Interviews for those interested in registering for Tao’s online courses, workshops, or speaking to Tao regarding questions about kundalini or kundalini syndrome. These interviews are part of the application process for any of Tao’s online courses and in-person workshops.

This free interview is required for all of Tao’s courses and workshops.

During your appointment you may introduce yourself and your interests, and ask questions about any pertinent experiences, and any inquiries you have about Tao’s courses and publications.

Tao values his time and the company he keeps, and wishes to spend his time sharing with kind, loving, intelligent, inquisitive individuals determined to maintain their personal sovereignty while respecting the sovereignty and freedom of others.

Tao wishes to teach:
1) Those who are loving, compassionate, fun, driven, and inquisitive, respectful yet self-sovereign.
2) those who value love over dominion, and liberty over fear
3) those who value awareness and personal accountability over value conformity, submission, dominion, or dogma
4) those who wish to cultivate their own inner light, rather than chasing the charisma or glamour of the external
5) those who value cultivating wisdom, knowledge, action, and compassionately applied skill over collecting certificates and accreditations.