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Programs: Online Courses, Workshops, Retreats

Tao Semko with Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD
Tao teaches courses in:

  • Managing Somatized Consciousness – how to read and re-train the body’s physical stress responses for greater freedom and ease
  • Ideokinesis (using specific imagery/metaphors in motion to improve the ease, safety, and efficiency of body structure, movement, and process)
  • the Manangement of Somatized Consciousness
  • Traditional Inner Tantric Yogas
  • Vyayama and Sukshma Vyayama (breath-synchronized physical culture)
  • Taoist Non-Dual Contemplation
  • Alchemical Qigong
  • Extraordinary Vessel Qigong
  • Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process and the Glenn J. Morris Method

Registration for any of Tao’s online programs, in-person classes, or workshops, requires completing a simple application process which includes answering an applicant questionnaire, 3 references, and doing a video interview with Tao, and acceptance by Tao as a student.

Mentorship, Online Classes, and Practitioner Communities

Specific Programs:

Live In-Person Workshops and Retreats

Live events and workshops on Kundalini Awakening Process, Alchemical Qigong, Ideokinesis, Tantric Yogas (Hatha, Kriya, Laya, Maithuna/Karmamudra, Raja, Trul Khor, Deity Yoga, Candali, Mahamudra, more)

Consider individual consultations if you are merely seeking to improve an existing practice or navigate a particular difficulty in your existing practice or day-to-day integration of mundane and spiritual phenomena…


Please support our Philanthropy in honor of the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s efforts during his lifetime by assisting those in need in the wake of war, famine, social breakdown, and natural disaster through our Mercy Corps fundraising pages here:
Dr. Glenn J Morris Kap Philanthropy.