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Programs: Online Courses, Workshops, Retreats

Tao Semko with Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD

Application Process:

Registration for Tao’s online programs, in-person classes, or workshops, requires completing a simple application process which includes answering an applicant questionnaire, 3 references, doing a two-way informal video interview with Tao, and acceptance by Tao as a student.

Somatic Self-Regulation

Streaming Library of Practices for Somatic, Emotional, and Sensory Self-Regulation – specific exercises for specific symptoms, as well as holistic approaches that harmonize the whole body-personality. Somatic Self-Regulation

The Methods of Dr. Glenn J. Morris: KAP and More

Practices and Principles of Tantric Yoga & Qigong

  • TYPG Video Library video, text, and audio from the Tantric Yoga Practitioner Group archives (2017-present) plus Foundations of Tantric Yoga, Trimester 1, (2010)
  • Deluxe TYPG Video Library: video, text, and audio materials from Umaa Tantra (1999-2005), Tantric Inner Circle (2003-2005), College of Tantric Yogas (2010-2014), and Deluxe TYPG archives (2017-present)

Etheric EV Remote Cultivation

Community-Style Online treatments of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of Taoism and Chinese Medicine using placement of the practitioner’s awareness to promote return to homeostasis in psycho-somatic and psycho-spiritual function. Small group sessions on Zoom (Tao plus 3 – 6 participants) Etheric EV Community Sessions

Schedule of Online Classes, Appearances, Workshops, and Retreats

Schedule of Events


Please support our Philanthropy in honor of the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s efforts during his lifetime by assisting those in need in the wake of war, famine, social breakdown, and natural disaster through our Mercy Corps fundraising pages here.