5 Simple Principles In Tantric Yoga

  1. Exercise, Relax & Expand your sensations, feelings, and awareness.
  2. Breathe and Circulate Prana (Qi) in natural harmony through the internal and external cosmos, developing awareness and abiding in awareness of sushmna nadi at all times…
  3. Use experience, memory, dream, and symbolic imagination to live in and amplify your positive emotions into powerful tools while acknowledging, transforming, and releasing your negative emotions. Steps 1. – 3. will arouse kundalini naturally.
  4. Practice stillness, quiet, and one pointed focus so that absorption (samadhi) becomes your natural state. Act always from the wisdom derived from abiding in this state. Wisdom comes from the clear light emptiness knoweable within sushumna nadi, the central channel.
  5. Live in awareness of bliss, emptiness, and their union at all levels of existence, from the mundane to the subtlest tremor of the divine within you. Experience all as the unity of existence and voidness, the pulsing continuum of opposites and polarities.

The materials available on this website show you how, step by step…

  • November 25, 2012