Applicant Character References

Character References: Please have no less than three friends, mentors, coworkers, associates, or family members answer all of the following seven questions, in a private email to info1 @ taosemko .com (remove spaces):

1. What is your name and relationship to the applicant?
2. Is the applicant good at listening and understanding, reading and understanding, watching and understanding, or doing and understanding?
3. Is the applicant introverted or extroverted? (both answers are fine)
4. Is the applicant capable of having fun and laughing?
5. Is the applicant an empathetic, caring person, capable of love and selfless action? or a manipulative narcissist or sociopath? Would you trust her / him with beloved children and animals?
6. Is the applicant capable of undertaking great responsibility, for self and others?
7. Does the applicant have passion and/or willpower, persistence, and commitment?
8. Does she/he follow through and practice what she/he is passionate about?