Online College of Tantric Yoga Curriculum:

  • Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga, 3 trimesters, 39 weeks
  • Intermediate Practices of Tantric Yoga, 3 trimesters, 39 weeks
  • Advanced Practices of Tantric Yoga, 3 trimesters, 39 weeks
  • Avishkara, Deity Yoga, Deity Laya (12 weeks)
  • Qigong for Mental/Emotional/Physical Detoxification (3 weeks)
  • Sadhana: Rejuvenating & balancing sexual energy quickly using applied physical culture (3 weeks)
  • Sadhana: Bliss and Ecstasy in Tantric Hatha Yoga (6 weeks)
  • Elective Sadhanas and Additional Practices (21 weeks for 4 year curriculum, 121 weeks for 6 year curriculum, while teaching)
  • Dr Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process:
    • Level One: Solo Cultivation, Inner Alchemy, and Integration (12 weeks)
    • Level Two: Advanced Cultivation Practices, Dual Alchemy and Integration (12 weeks)
    • Level Three: Completion Stage Practices and Voidwalking (12 weeks)
    • Level Four: Non-Dual Contemplation and the Primordial Nature of Consciousness (6 weeks)

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    The following Electives are among those available for further study:

    List of Elective Courses


    Sadhanas: Intermediate and Advanced Practices
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    For 4th – 6th year students:
    21 and 40 Day Advanced Sadhanas (some longer)
    9 to 27 total sadhanas may be undertaken anytime after the 6th trimester, as allowed by the instructor, to complete the remainder of the practitioner’s 4 or 6 year education along with the 9 trimesters of course work.

    MahaGanapati Step
    Dasa Mahavidya

    1. Kali
    2. Tara
    3. Shodashi
    4. Bhuvaneshwari
    5. Tripur Bhairavi
    6. Chinnamasta
    7. Baglamukhi
    8. Dhumavati
    9. Matangi
    10. Kamalatmika

    The Four Kayas

    Guru Yogas, various lineages:
    Yeshe Tsogyel

    The NavaGraha
    The Nitya

    Kanda Manda Yoga

    Mantrayana completion stage yogas:

    Non-dual yogas of self-liberation
    Mystic practices of Judeo-Christian and Islamic mysticism may be specifically substituted by a devout practitioner of any of those traditions:
    cabbalic meditation
    meditations from orthodox, catholic, and protestant mysticism
    zikr, tenaga batin

    Progressive Sadhanas:
    Bliss and Ecstasy in Tantric Hatha Yoga
    Transmuting Anger Using Mantra, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha
    Short Vajrapani mantra sadhana
    Rejuvenating & balancing sexual energy quickly using applied physical culture
    Uddiyana Bandha & Nauli Kriya, the preliminaries
    Nauli Kriya & Uddiyana Bandha 2: physical tapas
    Nauli Kriya & Uddiyana Bandha 3: spiritual application
    Maha Ganapati Mantra Sadhana
    Vyayam as Yoga
    Candali/gTummo Fundamentals
    gTummo/ Achieving through spiritual flame, 70 breath method
    Nilatari Saraswati Maha Vidya Mantra Sadhana

    Locally Taught Sadhanas:
    Sri Narasimha Kavacha
    Shodashi/Tripura Sundari Sadhana
    Tripura Bhairavi Laya from Nauli Nadhi Shodhana
    Uddiyana and Nauli as Nadhi Shodhana
    Mantric Nadhi Shodhana with Talasana

    Additional Elective Qigong, Ki Breathing, and Pranavidya Classes:

    Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s HoshinTao Chi Kung
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    Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Hoshin Tao Chi Kung

    Alchemical Chi Kung Courses:
    Dr Glenn J. Morris’s Hoshin Tao Chi Kung System Curriculum
    and Improved Kundalini Awakening Process

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 1

    • Basic Principles of Chi Kung, Meditation, Go Dai
    • Zen Breathing
    • Energy Awareness and Feeling
    • Harmonizing the Chi
    • Golden Light Meditation
    • Standing Meditation
    • Lifting the Sky
    • Drawing the Moon
    • Sinew Metamorphosis 1
    • Emptying the Mind
    • Tracing the Halves of the Circle
    • Healing Screen Meditation
    • Buddha Walk/Warrior’s Strut

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 2

    • Chakra Opening and Color Correspondence
    • Aura Viewing
    • DaMo’s Cave
    • Basic MicroCosmic Orbit
    • Carrying the Moon
    • Sinew Metamorphosis 2
    • The Shy Monk

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 3

    • Chi Spiraling
    • Taoist Flaming Sword 1
    • Chakra Energy Circling
    • Secret Smile
    • Healing Screen
    • Nine Elders Breathing

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 4

    • Ice Cream Swirl
    • Aura Feeling
    • Tree Hugging
    • Developing the Gate of Jing
    • Sun Salutations
    • Laser Light

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 5

    • 5 Gates Breathing
    • Sun Salutations 2
    • Taoist Flaming Sword 2

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 6

    • Marrow Washing
    • 9 Sip Breathing
    • Bringing Chi to the Palms
    • Alternate Breathing Methods

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Level 7

    • Macrocosmic Orbit
    • Chi Packing
    • Iron Shirt Breathing

    Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Level 8

    • Kundalini Meditations

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    Niikura Ki Basics

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    Sensei Katsumi Niikura’s Ki Basics,
    as transmitted by Sifu Dan Ferrera, Senior student of Sensei Niikura

    The first year of the Curriculum, Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga I, may be audited entirely for individual edification. After that, if the student wishes to continue, they may undertake the rest of the curriculum for a passing grade (minimum 90%) based on initiative, experiential understanding, maturity, and ability to transmit the concepts to others. A passing grade in each subsequent course results in a four-year student being given the College’s blessing as a Practitioner of AntaryaTantraYoga. These prerequisites plus emotional maturity, compassion, and respect for the system, non-dual realization of the primordial nature of consciousness, and a muture, full, permanent kundalini awakening and understanding of kundalini and it’s process in others, result in a six-year student-teacher to be given the formal title of AntaryaTantraYogacharya.

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