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In this long-distance modality, I place awareness at acu-points of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels/ Meridians of Chinese Medicine, which are responsible for regulating psycho-somatic and psycho-spiritual interplay in the body and personality, the body moves homeostatically into more harmonious auto-regulation. Both Master and Coupled points and confluence/adjunctive points are used, providing an intricacy of treatment not normally seen in community-style treatments.

This is a one-hour group Zoom session for 3 to 6 people, with individual, personalized Extraordinary Vessel assessments and applications in a community-style online setting, using simple placement of awareness by the facilitator at Extraordinary Vessel acu-points and other key subtle body features that can prompt the recipient’s body to move towards homeostasis. The cost is US$40 per person per session.

Nothing is added or subtracted; points are simply presenced. I will assess the extraordinary vessels of each participant at that moment, and using awareness alone, initiate an appropriate individualized EV regimen in each participant.

These sessions are not medical in nature. They do not provide medical treatment, diagnosis, or advice. The sessions are also not intended to replace medical treatment or advice, or to treat or prescribe medical conditions.

These EV applications are a complementary therapy intended to promote dynamic homeostasis; that said, they may initially stir up more emotion or sensation before a harmonizing effect is achieved. These community-style zoom sessions are designed to provide steady, incremental improvements, and involve less intricate work and work volume than the practitioners give in more expensive, detailed, and time-consuming personal sessions.

Up to 6 people other than the facilitators may be present in the Zoom room at once, and text chat messages may be addressed to individuals or to the room. Please do not *publicly* disclose any information to the group that you want kept private, this is not a medical session and therefore, we are not using HIPAA-compliant privacy software…

We understand the experience of the modality may not be a good fit for everyone, so satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back — on your first session only!

This modality synthesizes principles and practices from Daniel Atchison-Nevel, A.P.,’s Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel Healing Clinical Coursework, the Methods of Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD., and Primordial Alchemy.

These group online Etheric EV Sessions are currently available only to my registered students and clients, and to those who go through the full intake process (application and interview)… If you sign up for EV sessions without first completing the application and interview process, you will be removed from the schedule. Thank you for your courtesy and understanding – I look forward to speaking with you in the two-way interview.

More about the Eight Extraordinary Meridians and their confluence/adjunctive points.