How to bring yourself to higher awareness through self-pleasure… V2

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Whether we’re talking about self-massage, or masturbation
(“Self-cultivation”), tantrics do things a just a little bit

Tantrics emphasize having awareness of the sensation (relaxation or
pleasure), while tracing the awareness of that sensation back to it’s
most subtle root…

When you massage your muscles and pressure points after a workout, yoga
or qi gong practice, or meditation, don’t just knead the muscles while
staring at the TV or talking to friends. Studies show that just by
placing your full attention in the area you’re touching, you “tell”
your mind to direct more blood flow to the area. That means more
oxygen, more removal of lactic acid and other toxins, more nerve
control over each muscle fiber, more ability to selectively relax and
contract individual muscle fibers, and more microcirculation in the

Also, try massaging yourself through a range of body positions, rather
than in just one. You want to program your nervous system to be aware,
relax, and regenerate throughout your daily range of motion, not just
in your “relaxation position.” This is a key element in learning the
relaxation methods of Tibetan Kum Nye, Chinese Fang Song Gong, and
Kashmiri Sarangi relaxation…

When you self-pleasure, do the same… Tantra emphasizes using
sensations for arousal, more so than pre-planned or re-played fantasies
or images. When you use pornographic images too often, your arousal
becomes triggered by the image, and then goes through a “Click-whirr”
mechanical response. If you always masturbate in one position
(especially hunched over, seated at a computer), you actually restrict
blood and endorphin flow in your body. If you want to be a better
lover, touch yourself creatively in the same positions youd like to
make love in. Use different fingers, body positions, and direction of
motion if you are female. And touch your whole body, not just your
genitals… Then try some positions you haven’t done before. (There
are plenty of free sexual poisition guides online, and if you want to
use some of the actual positions from Chakra Puja, get Dinu Roman’s
“Secrets of Tantra” DVDs on this site…

Try gently stretching the muscles and nerves of your body into simple
hatha yoga positions as you touch yourself . and notice how and where
the pleasure increases… Relax and arouse the nerves all over your
body until its entire surface is humming with energy while
simultaneaously swimming in relaxation. If your self-pleasure habits
make your muscles and nerves more tense, then you’re just increasing
your stress level with something that’s supposed to be pleasureable…

Now for the tantric aspect… When your body is fully aroused, use
softer and softer touches like silk or a feather, with your eyes
closed, alternated with fullfilling touches, until you melt into the
sensation. Be aware of the sensationnow, not the body, until your
consciousness swims within sensation. Keep allowing yourself to become
more aroused, then come down a little, then arouse the senses even
further. This exercise can be done sexually or merely sensually, alone
or with your lover.

Relax and allow yourself to become aware of the subtlest of sensations
as they play over your whole body. The air moving against your skin,
the sounds and smells around you.. you get the idea. By regularly
playing with sensory awareness like this, allowing your mental chatter
to dissolve into pure sensory awareness, you will eventually get to the
point where form and solidity dissapear, and there is only the
sensation of tingling energy, and then, as you continue to dissolve,
experiment, and play, only bliss and emptiness…

Smile, breathe slowly, and enjoy…
Your friend,
For every student, there is a teacher.
Keep in touch!
Tao Semko

P.S. In the Next Tantra Tip… The Simple Breathing Technique that
will re-sensualize and relax your the body…

  • December 1, 2012