How to Generate Positive Karma Using Simple Tantra

by Santiago Dobles

How to generate positive karma and compassion through tantra:

1) Breath in slowly for 7 seconds. Exhale for 7 Seconds

2) Visualize all the lovers you ever had, current lover, family, friends, associates, pets, those in need, anyone you may have a connection to or anyone you have both positive and negative issues with, etc. Or you may write all their names down on a piece of paper.

3) Extend your palms facing away from you toward your visualization, or toward the piece of paper containing their names.

4) Inhale and visualize pure energy from the Universe, or from a Deity/ aspect of the Divine (Shiva, Shakti, Ganesha, Virgin Mother, Buddha, etc.) above your crown center or head. Absorb that energy through your crown center as you inhale. Allow that energy to fill your entire body and being. Hold your breath and that Pranic energy till you feel like smiling (2 – 4 seconds).

5) Exhale for 7 seconds giving all that positive cosmic energy through your heart and hands to those in your mind / on your list.

Repeat this process at least 7 times, or if possible do it for 10 minutes a day. If you have more time, go for it!

After a week or two, you will realize that your life in general will improve and so will the lives of those you are sending positive energy to. This transformation is what Tantra is about.

Later on I will show you how to make these tantras more effective by using Mantra!

Santiago Dobles

  • November 30, 2012