In Gratitude (Thanksgiving!)

On this Day of Thanks, I wish to express my gratitude:

Thank you to all our spiritual teachers, for all of your teachings:

Thank you
Dr. Glenn Morris,
Dinu Roman,
H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama,
H.E. Khempo Yurmed Tinley Rinpoche,
Sifu Francis Fong,
Dr. Robert Svoboda,
Dr. David Frawley,
Raven Cohen,
Mantak Chia,
Liang Shu-yu,
John Jones,
London Brown,
Daniel Atchison-Nevel,
Santiago Dobles,
Esly Caldwell,
Tao Semko,
the Dakinis,
the Wisdom teachers,
and givers of life,
and the many masters who have taught us quiet lessons, great and small.

Thank you to all who have provided us with spiritual and material sustenance, who have given us the opportunity to study, to practice, and to live this life.

Thank you to each of our students, for always striving in your own spiritual efforts, and for always providing us with new occasions to learn.

To our parents, family, and friends, for giving us this life with which to live, prosper, and practice, thank you!

Thank you to all who will read these words, who will practice, and who will strive to achieve an understanding which transcends sectarianism and dogma.
We offer thanks for all of these blessings, back to their profound
Origin. Thank you from our hearts!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tao Semko

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  • November 30, 2012