Online streaming-video mini-course.

Provides understanding and techniques to help with various areas of somatized tension, constriction, and overwhelm, and their related emotions, feelings, and perceptions, including the following:

Releasing hyper-vigilant tension in the head and neck, and clearing the feeling of being overwhelmed by external stimuli and external demands, thus reducing reactivity

Releasing Hyper-Contraction of the Fascia and Muscle Layers to Promote more bouyant, natural, physical and verbal expression, and smooth fluid and signal flow within the body

Releasing visceral and diaphragmatic tension to increase healthy and spontaneous processing, digestion, incorporation and elimination of nutrients, emotions, sensory experiences, and thought…

Taoist Healing Exhalations / Sounds for releasing specific somatized emotions

Simple self-cultivation using the Master and Coupled point treatments of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

Principles and techniques from Daniel Atchison-Nevel’s NSEV Healing (from pre-Taoist Wu Shamanism), and from Taoist Qigong

This course, like all of Tao’s courses, requires an interview, replying to a questionnaire, and references (start your application here)