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Additional Media Available For Purchase or Credit to Members of the Practitioner Group

Streaming Video, Sadhanas, and more available to Members in good standing of the Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group, by US dollar tuition or via credits earned through social media practice challenges. Both the media store and credit store are inside the member site. Membership requires application, interview, references, and registration.

For members after login:
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From the U.T. College of Tantric Yogas Curriculum:

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga I:

Introduction and Orientation
Class 1: The Complete Breath
Class 2: Breathing Subtle Energy / 4 factors that inhibit the physical breath
Class 3: the act of conscious eating/drinking
Class 4: food effects on the body and mind
Class 5: opening the body-consciousness, part 1: physical charana
Class 6: opening the subtle body-consciousness – subtle charana
Class 7: Sanctifying the Body, part 1: Nyasa
Class 8: Sanctifying the Body, part 2: Nyasa
Class 9: Seats of Meditation, part 1: exploration of alignment
Class 10: Seats of Meditation: finding the seat
Class 11: Training the Breath and Body Together
Class 12: Training the body and breath together, con’t
Class 13: Purifying Actions – Overview, Kapalabhati with Uddiyana, Tratak
Class 14: Purifying Actions con’t: Neti and the 9 Clearing Breaths
Class 15: The Visual Yogas: eye exercises, shambavi mudra
Class 16: The Visual Yogas: The five directional gazes
Class 17: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes: bodily mudras
Class 18: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes – the Secret Smile
Class 19: Yogas of Sound: internal sound – spoken vowels
Class 20: Yogas of Sound – vocalized vowels as nyasa, bindu visarga (“mnnng”)
Class 21 – Yogas of Sound: using external music
Class 22- Yogas of Sound – Nyasa as auditory laya (absorption)
Class 23 – Cultivating Sexual Energy as an Internal Experience
Class 24 – Circulating Sexual Energy
Summary Session: Foundations Trimester 1

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga 2:

Introduction and Orientation
Class 1: Timing and Breath Ratios in the Complete Breath
Class 2: Breath timing for energy and relaxation| reverse breathing and nabhi bandha
Class 3: Alimentation and Nourishment: timing and sadhana
Class 4: alimentation & nourishment: sleep cycles, adaptogens, and listening to (feeling with) your body
Class 5: Opening the Subtle Body: Adding kumbakha
Class 6: Opening the Subtle Body: kumbhaka with subtle energy awareness and emotional amplification
Class 7: Nyasa in movement…
Class 8: Nyasa with thought forms, in movement
Class 9: Seats of Meditation: abiding in the internal seat while breathing to and from it
Class 10: breathing subtle energy and emotional content to and from the seats of consciousness
Class 11: Training the Breath and Body Together 2
Class 12: Training the body and breath together 2, con’t
Class 13: Purifying Actions – Bhasti
Class 14: Purifying Actions – Vaman Dhauti/Kunjal Kriya
Class 15: The Visual Yogas 2- Shambhavi Mudra in 3-D
Class 16: 3-D Shambhavi Mudra, continued – feeling and projecting
Class 17: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes: Dhyan Mudra
Class 18: Secret Smile in Dhyan Mudra, with correct and incorrect application of the seven points of the posture
Class 19: The Yogas of Sound: AUM – correct pronunciation and practice
Class 20: Yogas of Sound: AUM with 3-D Shambhavi Mudra
Class 21: Nada Yoga part 2: Inner Sound Yoga
Class 22: Inner Sound Yoga with 3-D Shambavi Mudra
Class 23: Integrating sexual energy cultivation/circulation into garuda squats, kapalabhati, uddiyana bandha
Class 24: Integrating sexual/sensual energy with 3-D Shambhavi Mudra
Summary Session: Foundations Trimester 1
Class 25: Summary

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga 3

Introduction and Orientation
Class 1: Space and Time together in the Complete Breath
Class 2: Interiorization of each of the 5 senses in the complete breath
Class 3: Sensory Input as Nutrition and Alimentation | Internal Situational Awareness | The Three Gunas
Class 4: The daily life of a tantric – balancing sensory nutrition, awareness, the gunas and the doshas
Class 5: Charana and the map of the subtle body…
Class 6: Adding chakra/nadi awareness and internal attitude /mudra into charana
Class 7: Nyasa with the chakras and their sanskrit names
Class 8: Nyasa with the Chakras – combining and integrating visualization with sensory perception
Class 9: The chakras as seats of meditation within Suryanamaskar
Class 10: Chakras as Seats of Meditation, adding Secret Smile and chakra attitudes/awarenesses in Suryanamaskar
Class 11: Breath and Body Together: drishti, uddiyana, and vajroli/sahajoli in Suryanamaskar
Class 12: adding subtle breathing & Secret Smile to drishti, uddiyana, sahajoli/vajroli in Suryanamaskar
Class 13: Shat Karma (six purifying actions): Nauli, Shivambu, Danta Dhauti, Vastra Dhauti
Class 14: Shat Karma: Varisara Dhauti/Lagoo Shank Prak Shalana
Class 15: Shambavi Mudra on Empty Space
Class 16: Abiding in Tranquility
Class 17: Yoni Mudra
Class 18: Shanmukhi Mudra (also known as Yoni Mudra)
Class 19: Yogas of Sound: Yoni Mudra with AUM
Class 20: Yogas of Sound: Nyasa with AUM
Class 21: Yogas of Sound: the inner dance
Class 22: Yogas of Sound: Laya Yoga with AUM, naad yoga with inner sound, naad yoga with outer sound
Class 23: Sexual Yogas – reverberation/echo breathing and the undulation of sound and pleasure
Class 24: The Sexual Yogas – Culminating Technique
Summary Session

Intermediate Practices of Tantric Yoga 1

0: Welcome/Orientation (the present post) (Thursday)
1: Kriyas for Earth Element/ Prithvi Tattwa (Tuesday)
2: Asana Practice for Earth Element/ Prithvi Tattwa (Thursday)
3: Kriya Practice for Water Element
4: Asana Practice for Water Element
5: Kriya Practice for Fire Element
6: Asana Practice for Fire Element
7: Kriya Practice for Air Element
8: Asana Practice for Air Element
9: Kriya Practice for Ether/Void Element
10: Asana Practice for Ether/Void Element
11: Balancing, Stacking, Assembling, and Purifying the Tattwas
12: Balancing, Stacking, Assembling, and Purifying the Tattwas 2
13: Adding Tattwa Yantra gazing to the Thursday Tattwa Practices
14: Adding tattwa yantras to Balancing, Stacking, Assembling & Purifying the Elements
15: Adding Tattwa Bija Mantra Laya to the Thursday Tattwa Practices
16: Adding Tattwa Bija and Yantra laya to Balancing, Stacking, Assembling & Purifying the Elements
17: Ojas and Physical Culture 1 – Cultivation and Breath
18: Ojas and Physical Culture 2 – with Shambhavi Mudra and Secret Smile
19: Ojas and Sexual Energy 1 – Self Massage and Physical Cultivation
20: Ojas and Sexual Energy 2 – Polarization of Internal Energies
21: Ojas and Sublimation 1 – Mudra and Bandha revisited
22: Ojas and Sublimation 2 – Sahajoli Mudra in Tantric Hatha Yoga
23: Laya Yoga – Absorption in Presence and Polarity
24: Laya Yoga – adding layers
25: Summary

From the Tantric Inner Circle (2003-2006)

Tantric Inner Circle Practice Sessions 1-12
“Mastering your mind, body, and the elements through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sukshma Vyayam” The Full Table of Contents: Video Chapters and Audio Tracks

  • p1 – Healthy Breathing, Bone Strength, Dynamic Rooting, and Total Relaxation
  • p2 – Secrets of subtle energy awareness and cultivation & The Tantric Five Tibetans:
    Tantric Five Tibetans: The real secrets of the Tibetan rites of rejuvenation – unpublished in any book!
    Skull Shining and Secrets of Breath Meditation
  • p3 – Raw Power and Subtle Strength: Secrets of Hindu Vyayam & Hard Qi gong
  • p4 – Using cosmic energy: Secrets of self-purification in standing postures
  • p5 – Breath Control and Your Mind: Secrets of Shambavi Mudra
  • p6 – Secret Powers of the Earth: Developing Muladhara Chakra
  • p7 – Fluidity and Sexual Energy – Secrets of Creativity and Dynamism: Developing Swadisthana Chakra
  • p8 – Metabolism, Drive, Willpower, “Gut” Intuition, and the Inner Fire Basics of Transmutation: Developing Manipura Chakra
  • p9 – Compassion and Freedom: The Air Element: Developing Anahata Chakra
  • p10 – Akasha as Time and Space: Concept, Karma, and Communication: Developing Vishudda Chakra
  • p11 – Ajna, Non-Duality & the Non-Conceptual Mind: Developing your Ajna Chakra
  • p12 – The Universal Sublime: Divinity, Awe, & Splendor: Opening Sahashrara
  • b1The T.I.C. All-Member Bonus Video: Pranic Spiraling, Pranic Compression, and Your Kundalini – A Method of internal balance and union

Tantric Inner Circle Gold Bonus Videos 1-12
Original Brochure | Full Table of Contents: Chapter Headings

  • g1 – Earth, Water, & Fire: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 1
  • g2 – Air and Ether: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 2
  • g3 – The Third Eye, The Absolute, & Transfiguration of the Beloved: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 3
  • g4 – The Ritual Lovemaking Postures/ Secret Teachings of Chakra Puja: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 4
  • g5 – The Big Secrets of Tantra: Transfiguration, Identification, Consecration, Dedication, Transmutation, and Sublimation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 5
  • g6 – Secrets of Mudra and Bandha: Transmutation, Sublimation, Circulation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 6
  • g7 – Foundations of Prana, Shabda, and Kriya: Breath, Primordial Sound, & Action of Consciousness for health, sexual union, and self-realization
  • g8 – Lovemaking as Kriya Yoga — for health, subtle awareness and realization
    Sexual Fitness, Part One — External sexual fitness, with practical applications
  • g9 – QiGong Energetic and Spiritual Healing
    1) Empowering Yourself through qigong as a vessel for the healing energy of the earth and cosmos; 2) The Power of Self, Partner, and Distant Healing 3) How to bless in secret…
  • g10 – Building, Offering, & Dissolving the Tantric Mandala – Manipulating Energy in Erogenous Massage – Special Guest Appearance by Dr Glenn J Morris, PhD, ScD
  • g11, discs a, b, c –  Qi Packing in the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit for health, energy cultivation, and martial development 
  • g12 – Martial QiGong Principles for Self-Protection and Health

Workshops From the pre-Tantric Inner Circle Period:

Dinu Roman’s Secrets of Tantra Workshop (Brochure) (Full Table of Contents)

d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8

Teachings on Sexual Yoga: Maithuna, Karma Mudra, more:

Siva Lata Mudra: A Simple Sexual Yoga
Vajroli, Sahajoli, and Swing Mantras


Planetary Mantra Remedies
Solar/Lunar Bija Clearing Pranayama
Mantras for Clearing: Vajrapani & MahaMaya Samputs
Nilatari Saraswati Mahavidya Nyasa
Tripura Bhairavi Deity Yoga Sadhana
Lalita/Shodashi/Tripura Sundari Deity Yoga Sadhana
Kali Mahavidya Micro-Sadhanas
64 Kali Yogini Namavali
Vajravidharana Dharani
Short Vajrapani Action Mantra Deity Yoga Sadhana
Maha Ganapati 32-Syllable Mantra Deity Yoga Mantra Sadhana

Exclusive Discounts on online classes with Tao Semko from Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process Curriculum:

Dr Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level One:

Class 1: Introduction, Breathing, Posture, Tongue Placement, Gentle Smile
Class 2: Self Massage, Qi Cultivation in the Lower Dan’tien, Dr. Morris’s Secret Smile
Class 3: Energy Circulation – Qigong Sets and the Microcosmic Orbit
Class 4: Five Point Breathing / Five Gates Breathing & the Macrocosmic Orbit
KAP1 Emotional and Physical Release Supplementals
The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and their Cultivation and Harmonization
Class 5: The Chakras and the Central Channel: Earth Element/ Chakra principles and techniques
Class 6: Water and Fire Elements & Chakras, Kan & Li and Tummo principles and techniques, Energy Palpation and Differentiation
Class 7: Wind Element / Chakra principles and techniques, Qi Healing
Class 8: Void Element / Chakras principles and techniques
Class 9: Aura Viewing and Inner Vision – principles and techniques
Class 10: Damo’s Cave Meditation – Integration of the Cognitive/Logical and Creative/Dream Minds
Class 11: Feeding the Chakras
Class 12: Four Noble Guests
Supplemental Music

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level Two:

Class 1: Jing Breathing: Internal Organ Breathing
Class 2: Solo Sexual Cultivation: Ovarian/Testicular Jing Breathing and the Female and Male Deer Exercises
Class 3: Advanced Secret Smile and Esoteric / Hidden Techniques
Class 4: Shen Techniques: Secret Sword/ Templar Sword
Class 5: Dual Cultivation: Merging Orbits
Class 6: Dual Cultivation: Chakra Puja – the Chakras and Elements
Class 7: Jing Cultivation: Bone Breathing – Bone Marrow Washing, (b) Bone Breathing, (c) Chi Packing in the Fascia, Bones, and Marrow
Class 8: Qi Cultivation and Amplification: the Belt Channels/ Girdle Vessel
Class 9: Shen Techniques: Clearing the Body/Mind/ Self-Healing and Clearing
Class 10: Advanced Qi Healing – Healing Others
Class 11: Empowering Objects People Places Spaces Times
Class 12: Using Energy in Groups / Sanghas – Interpersonal and Transpersonal Cultivation
Graduate Bonus Techniques

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s KAP Level Three

original topics:
Topic 1: Upper Alchemy
Topic 2: Explosion and Dissolution of local consciousness
Topic 3: Mirror Gazing as a Dynamic Point of Reference
Topic 4: Illusory Body Practice: Reflecting on the body, personality, and the manifested external world as interdependent aggregates
Topic 5: Dissolving the Elements into the Clear Light Emptiness
Topic 6: Deepening and Stabilizing Bliss, Blending it with Emptiness
Topic 7: Merging with the Forest Astral
Topic 8: Transference and Projection of Consciousness: Phowa
Topic 9: Transference and Projection of Consciousness, Part 2
Topic 10a: Voidwalking: Shifting and entering
Topic 10b: Voidwalking: Exploring and Integrating What You Encounter
Topic 11: The higher views of Chöd: Mahamudra Chöd
Topic 12: Southern Hospitality – The Ganachakra Feast

and revised topics:
Topic 1: Kundalini beyond energetics: Kundalini energy as the interconnective and integrating field/matrix for and of consciousness itself- microcosmic and macrocosmic; What the Void described in Dr. Morris’s books encompasses, and how to navigate it accordingly – the various “planes”/ Lokas / realms of consciousness as accessed directly from the central channel, rather than through astral projection — the practice of Voidwalking; The immanent and transcendent union of apparent opposites: primordial bliss -fullness and spaciousness/emptiness, being-ness-bliss-consciousness, wisdom emptiness and skillful means; enlightened body, mind, and activity
Topic 2: Kundalini as form and identity: in personal, transpersonal, transcendent and immanent experience (within and beyond the conventional personality); tutelary archetypes and inner dialogues – mystical wisdom vs. madness; tantric and alchemical “becoming” (avishkara) – form, energy, and resonance in guru yogas, diety yogas, totemic yogas, becoming the saints, and in the esoteric initiations/ empowerments/ attunements/ downloads/ uploads / absorptions of various traditions;
Topic 3: Bliss-unions, transcendent sexual yoga, and seals of knowledge; integration of ascending, descending, and expressive consciousness-as-energy, and the shadow aspects of the personality; the nature of faith, prayer, and manifestation in the probability field
Topic 4: Field expressions of qi, shakti, and consciousness, egregores and spaces within spaces, entering the forest astral (waxing/full moon practice), aeonic and cyclical time vs linear time
Topic 5: Bliss fire practices: gtummo/candali and inner crucible practices in microcosmic and macrocosmic use – eating and transmuting negative energy, and the vampire saints
Topic 6: Upper alchemy, the taijitu, and bliss drops
Topic 7: Emptiness of inherent selfhood: interdependent origination: the illusory body practices and form/ bliss/ vajra/ golden/ immortal bodies
Topic 8: Dissolving the five elements, the three dawns, and union with clear-light spaciousness
Topic 9: Deepening the union of clear light spaciousness with bliss
Topic 10: Offering the microcosmic to the macrocosmic (internal consecration, body offerings/Chöd, and mandala offerings), dissolving aggregates into the primordial (tantric pratyahara, hesychasm, trekcho), simultaneous absorption in primordial awareness and phenomenal experience – Taoist contemplation, mahamudra, mahamudra chöd
Topic 11: Working with local/locational consciousness: frequency modulation & harmonization; microcosmic bi-location; transference and projection of consciousness within and beyond the microcosm, siddhis of size, perspective, and location
Topic 12: “Southern Hospitality”- living communal nuance and amplifications of consciousness vs inertial egregores; integration and community through latticed communal practices (Ganachakra Feasts)

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s KAP Level Four

Topic 1: Meditation with and without Object
Topic 2: Meditation on the primordial nature of consciousness and its displays while gazing with self-reflexive open awareness
Topic 3: Non-dual contemplation, self-liberation of phenomena, meditations on senses other than vision
Topic 4: Non-dual cultivation emphasizing extraordinary vessel fields of resonance, elemental fields of resonance, and their interplay
Topic 5: Non-dual cultivation emphasizing solo and dual sexual cultivation, sexual yoga, and sensual amplification
cutting through clinging to appearances of solidity, to the primordial purity of the base primoridal/undifferentiated consciousness…
Topic 6: Leaping over/ leaping across / direct crossing from phenomenal appearances to spontaneous presence through the instantaneous union of the clear light of clear light emptiness with external and internal phenomenal appearances of the five pure lights / subtle essence of energy/ matter
Topic 7: Dark retreat, and non-dual practice in dream and deep sleep

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Hoshin Tao Chi Kung

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 1

  • Basic Principles of Chi Kung, Meditation, Go Dai
  • Zen Breathing
  • Energy Awareness and Feeling
  • Harmonizing the Chi
  • Golden Light Meditation
  • Standing Meditation
  • Lifting the Sky
  • Drawing the Moon
  • Sinew Metamorphosis 1
  • Emptying the Mind
  • Tracing the Halves of the Circle
  • Healing Screen Meditation
  • Buddha Walk/Warrior’s Strut

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 2

  • Chakra Opening and Color Correspondence
  • Aura Viewing
  • DaMo’s Cave
  • Basic MicroCosmic Orbit
  • Carrying the Moon
  • Sinew Metamorphosis 2
  • The Shy Monk

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 3

  • Chi Spiraling
  • Taoist Flaming Sword 1
  • Chakra Energy Circling
  • Secret Smile
  • Healing Screen
  • Nine Elders Breathing

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 4

  • Ice Cream Swirl
  • Aura Feeling
  • Tree Hugging
  • Developing the Gate of Jing
  • Sun Salutations
  • Laser Light

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 5

  • 5 Gates Breathing
  • Sun Salutations 2
  • Taoist Flaming Sword 2

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung 6

  • Marrow Washing
  • 9 Sip Breathing
  • Bringing Chi to the Palms
  • Alternate Breathing Methods

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Level 7

  • Macrocosmic Orbit
  • Chi Packing
  • Iron Shirt Breathing

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Level 8

  • Kundalini Meditations