Morris Methods and More – KAP Tips! – (Re-)Starting a habit or practice…

May these practice tips help you to practice with more frequency, joy, depth, and result.

May you develop and expand whatever useful, healthful, or passionate habits you wish.

Today’s email is about getting started with a practice – any practice!

Before the action comes the imaginal experience in time and space.

For example, before you can pick up an object, you imagine, if only for an instant, reaching out for it and picking it up. Then, often milliseconds later, you do so.

Declaring an intention doesn’t engage the pathways that launch the body and mind into action, yet “pre-experiencing” (imagining) the action does.

Spending a moment (or a few moments) seeing, feeling, hearing the trajectory of that action in imagination, from start to finish, wedged between specific existing daily habits, engages the same pathways that will fire when you actually do the action, and inserts the new action into your existing reality…

Try this now, and we’ll add to it in the next email…

  • April 16, 2019