On Gurus and Their Role, part 1…

Dear Reader,

Hindu Tantric Scholar Ajit Mookerjee has the following insight on gurus:

“it is imperative that an aspirant should not turn into a blind follower of a guru but have an open mind, a fact testified to by many
instances of the guru-disciple relationship throughout Indian spiritual tradition.

An old proverb says that the guru will appear when the sadhaka (aspirant) is ready.

No guru, however, can help a sadhaka unless he helps himself by his own efforts and willingness.

Having learnt what he can learn, the sadhaka should be prepared to question and if necessary introduce experimental verifications by working on himself…

A seeker remains a disciple as long as he has not achieved his spiritual goal. Once he has attained what he has been seeking, he is ‘born anew.’

The proverbial relationship to the guru as initiary master ceases, since there is no need for further instruction of guidance.”

Ajit Mookerjee, 1977, in The Tantric Way – Art, Science, Ritual

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Tao Semko

  • November 30, 2012