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Tao Semko’s Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group

For intelligent, free-thinking, compassionate cultivators, meditators, yogis, lovers, and householders living in the world

Clear online streaming transmission of the views, practices, mysticism and wisdom of Tantric Yoga (Hatha, Kriya, Laya, Raja, Maithuna and Karmamudra, Mahamudra, more) and Internal Alchemy (NeiGong, Kan & Li, Rasayana),in an online community with social sharing with other free-thinking practitioners, cooperative social media practice challenges, and more, with a low upfront materials fee and monthly membership. Registration requires answering an application questionnaire, 3 referrals using a second questionnaire, and a video interview.

Monthly Membership:

  • Private online community membership (on MeWe.com private group)
  • Two or more hours/month of live or prerecorded online instruction in, or practice of, different facets of tantric yoga and alchemical qigong on Zoom.
  • One hour/month of live group Q&A via Zoom videoconferencing
  • One optional 15 minute appointment each month (non-accumulating, non-compulsory): individual Zoom video Q&A on your materials
  • Monthly social sadhanas within the social media group for credits to apply towards additional video from Tao’s College of Tantric Yogas courses, Tantric Inner Circle videos, and Progressive Sadhana recordings, available for credits, purchase, or subscription from the tuition and credit media stores inside Tao’s Practitioner Community member site, to registered members in good standing. Tantric College courses must be taken in order, and some sadhanas require permission to undertake due to the degree of skill, experience, or awareness required.
  • 30 credits at registration and 5 credits each month to apply towards the other streaming video and text courses on the site
  • $100 discount on each of Tao’s live online Kundalini Awakening Process course levels, or 50% on the already low *online* re-attend fee (regular re-attend for physical workshops applies to cover workshop overhead).
  • Registration Access to Practitioner Community online events and physical retreats

Lectures on Theory included with Basic Registration:

  • Theory, Context, History, and Definitions: Yoga, Tantra, Qigong etc
  • Teaching on Samadhi – what is is, and ways to more rapidly transition into and between samadhi states
  • Introduction to Mahamudra
  • Teaching on Principles of Mantra Japa and Mantra Laya
  • Power, Gender, Sex, Sovereignty and Economy in Historical Tantra through Modern Times
  • Teaching on KarmaMudra
  • On Integrated Tantric Hatha Yoga Practice
  • On Asana and Energetics in Tantric Hatha Yoga
  • Using ShatKriya / ShatKarma to map subtle experience
  • Basic Metaphysics of Prayer
  • Introduction to Qigong & comparisons with Pranavidya within Tantric Yogas
  • Introduction to Avishkara, Guru Yoga, and Deity Yoga Practices / Generation Stage Practices
  • Kama Sutra vs Sexual Yoga — and their union
  • Laya Yoga (the yoga of absorption in vibration, form, and location)

Practicum Included with Basic Registration:

  • Pranayama Microteachings
  • Fundamental Techniques
  • Introductory Qigong Practices and Concepts
  • A small Treasury of Mantra used in social sadhanas and live practices
  • Simple Sexual Yogas (a list of 36+ uncomplicated practices of Maithuna, Karmamudra, and Sambhoga Yoga)
  • 8 Charana and Zhan Zhuang Social Sadhana
  • 8 Charana, Suryanamaskar, and Uddiyana Bandha Social Sadhana
  • Mantra Laya with Shambhavi Mudra & Naad Yoga Social Sadhana
  • Mantra Laya and Visual Laya Deity Yoga Social Sadhana
  • Mantra Laya and Visual Laya in individual chakras, nadis, petals Social Sadhana

Discounted tuition on any materials Tao releases from his Vault that are not already in your personal materials.

Register Now!

Basic Registration Page (click here): (US$195 for your evergreen materials library and first month, and then US$34.95/month thereafter)

Re-Register (if credit card expired or membership lapsed) at US$34.95/month (only adds access to the current and future months materials, not the library)

**Scholarships: For those in countries / regions with dramatically lower median incomes – simply email us at info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) with “Scholarship Request” in the subject line if you need a scholarship, and inform us of your situation, how you intend to serve your community, and what you propose in barter for your membership and information products.)


Additional Media Store Materials available for purchase exclusively by Practitioner Group Members:

Further materials available exclusively to Practitioner Group members via either additional tuition or social sadhana credits: https://taosemko.com/media-for-members/