Managing Somatized Consciousness

This online streaming-video mini-course gives you the understanding and tools to alleviate various areas of embodied tension, constriction, and overwhelm, and their related emotions, feelings, and perceptions, including the following:

Quickly and painlessly release hyper-vigilant tension from your neck and shoulders, to clear the feeling of being overwhelmed by external stimuli and external demands. Reduce emotional and sensory hyper-reactivity to external stimuli. Re-habituate how your body deals with external overwhelm.

Release Hyper-Contraction of the Fascia and Muscle Layers around your torso to promote a more buoyant, natural self-expression (both physical and verbal), and harmonize the flow of fluids and signal within your body.

Quickly release tension in your viscera (internal organs), abdominal wall, breathing diaphragm, and solar plexus to increase healthy and spontaneous processing, digestion, incorporation and elimination of nutrients, emotions, sensory experiences, and thought…

Taoist Healing Exhalations / Sounds / Body Movements for releasing specific somatized emotions – anger, frustration, hatred, sadness, regret, worry, overthinking, anxiety, impatience, judgement (of self and others), fear, walking on eggshells, etc…

This course includes principles and techniques from Daniel Atchison-Nevel, A.P.’s NSEV Healing (from pre-Taoist Wu Shamanism), and from Taoist Qigong

The information in this course is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness. All information is presented for information purposes only, and not as medical or mental health advice.
When you have health concerns, speak to a doctor.