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Rapid relief from embodied stress & tension

A 90-minute video class of movements for rapid relief from embodied stress and tension, showing how to alleviate specific emotional-mental experiences via movements that release particular physical manifestations of somatic stress tension…

The movements taught are drawn from a number of forms of Extraordinary Vessel Qigong, addressing how our bodies respond to the layers of our inner and outer experience.

The movements can be done anywhere – most are done standing, and some can be done seated, they do not require flexibility, and they are each specifically designed to release stress tension in a particular area of the body.

You will do specific movements that release hyper-vigilant sensory overwhelm, that improve smooth body expression, that better process, digest, incorporate, and eliminate internal stuckness or emotional overwhelm, that re-center in your depths, and that smooth the accessing and movement of ideas, perceptions, and sensations in your body.

Thank you and enjoy,
Tao Semko