Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You

Discover hoarded spiritual treasures:

Secrets The Gurus Will Never Show You

by Santiago Dobles

Dear Friend,

There’s something very misleading about calling most yoga classes “yoga”… You see…. Stretching really isn’t yoga. Yoga isn’t stretching “with the breath,” either.
“Well then,” you might ask, “what is yoga?”

Yoga is a complete science of self transformation. Real yogic science leads inexorably towards the experience of “yoga,” which literally means “union” with the Absolute, the Universal, the One….

This experience of Union, which is also called samadhi (“absorption”), is the real Yoga.

I’m sorry to say, most “yoga” teachers today have not experienced this state. Most “certified yoga teachers” believe that stretching and breathing techniques are yoga, when really they are only a means to an end. Many popular books, including books on “power yoga” and even some books on Iyengar’s hatha yoga state that samadhi is exceedingly unusual and rare, and not something normal mortals accomplish.

Among the rare teachers who can slip effortlessly into “samadhi”, most only accept students willing to play an ancient game of economic serfdom: you pay the master’s bills, feed him, and protect him for 30 years, while diligently practicing a few watered-down techniques he gives you, and then, after those 30 years, and only if he likes you, he might give you the real secrets. Secrets that you could have mastered 25 years before…

You see,

We live in an age of information. But spiritual techniques are the only information still stranded in the agrarian age.

For thousands of years, spiritual aspirants have grovelled at the feet of their teachers, doing menial labor to financially support their masters, while hoping the secret techniques will “trickle down” from the master and bestow enlightenment.. But you don’t have to die of thirst. “Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You” opens the floodgates, just for you.

This in-depth exposé reveals the precious secrets form oral tradition that “bookstore” yoga books can’t even gloss-over. And “Secrets” gives you information at the pace you learn, not a pace that keeps you a dependent slave!

Yoga should give you a stronger, healthier body, and clarity of mind. But

if taught and practiced properly, yoga should also give you the very real experience of samadhi.

If you’ve tried yoga and never got anything more than good stretch, then all you’ve learned is the external exercises. The ones available in every book at Barnes and Nobles, Borders, and Amazon.

Santiago Dobles’s underground expose, “Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You,” reveals the internal secrets that “plug in” to yoga poses and yoga breathing to hurtle you, the practitioner forward in your evolution.

With these simple, but closely held secrets, you’ll control your mental state faster, modify your body quicker, and give yourself more lasting results than with your regular practice alone. You’ll also come to understand why even the paranormal abilities of the yogis are just the automatic result of a regular, true yoga practice – with the internal secrets intact, of course! Even if you are a rank beginner, you will feel the power and simplicity of these secrets immediately!

Here’s a selected list of contents from this underground expose:

  1. What is Tantric Hatha Yoga?
  2. The Ten Things you should always do when practicing yoga, that the gurus won’t tell you (until you’ve fed them for decades). These alone are worth the price of purchase.
    (we mean the ten things that will 1) save you from kundalini syndrome, 2) allow you to rocket past regular yoga and qi gong students to 3) realize inner states using even 4) the simplest of techniques!

  3. Then, ten essential tips that can rapidly improve your practice and turn you into a hard-core yogi.
  4. What the mother lode of internal energy is, and how to arouse it safely and rapidly.
  5. What pranic sickness is and how to avoid it without slowing down your progress
  6. Your subtle body and how to use it: using the right technique at the right time
  7. the real secrets of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha: how to fix yourself with 81 core exercises: why we do them, and how to make them so much more powerful than the watered down versions in “bookstore” yoga books
  8. The five elements in Hindu and Tibetan Yogas
  9. The real secrets of Mantra Yoga – why just repeating one isn’t enough…
  10. Secrets to Self-Realization through both Mantra and Tantric Hatha Yoga techniques
  11. Tantric Pranayama
  12. Key movements of awareness and key visualizations from the oral tradition of tantric hatha and kriya yogas
  13. How and why moving energy and circulation directly to specific parts of your body activates and changes the central nervous system and movements of your cerebral spinal fluid
  14. Male and Female breathing techniques

It’s easy, it works, and anybody can do it!

Yoga is not about contortion – it’s about mastering your body and mind – making your “vehicle” (your body and brain) work for “you” (your mind and higher consciousness), and it’s about finding the connection between you and Everything else. Follow the techniques, notes, and revelations in this 182 page underground special report — to the letter — and you will reach the level of true mastery, and true union, and fast!

But if you sit there, and don’t take the initiative, it will simply never happen for you. “Secrets” is nothing less than your manual for mastery in yoga!

This exclusive underground special report is available now…

Remember, Santiago’s expose will give you exclusive insights into the great internal secrets of the yogic and qi gong traditions, and will show you the esoteric secrets of breath, mind, energy and emotion that should accompany many of the primary exercises of tantric hatha yoga and qi gong! There is simply no other book like it…

Order now and smile, breath right, and keep your tongue up,

Tao Semko

I want to order my copy of “Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You” right now, for the bargain price of $59.95 in full color .pdf ebook format. I understand that even if I spent five times that amount on “bookstore” books, I couldn’t get the precious information detailed in “Secrets”, because until now it’s been passed down only through secret oral tradition!

Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You – $59.95 on .pdf, full color downloadable in both A4 and US letterhead formats.