TIC g04: Chakra Puja

Gold Session 4. Secret Postitions of the Chakra Puja of Left-Handed Tantra–

Experience the realms of the chakras during lovemaking…
Building a mandala with your lover: how to merge in Union, combining and dissolving all the technique of the previous 3 DVDs. Achieving spiritual union both in solitary practice, and as you make love (in partner practice). Bhutta Shuddhi/ Tatwa Shuddhi/ Fusion of the Five Elements. How to heal yourself or your lover.

How Eastern tantrics achieve Superhuman Personality through consciousness transformation… and how you can too!

Gold Session 4
The Ritual Lovemaking Postures/ Secret Teachings of Chakra Puja: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 4
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Chapter Titles

  1. Titles
  2. water positions
  3. earth positions
  4. fire positions
  5. air positions
  6. ether/space positions
  7. third eye
  8. crown center, 1st variation
  9. crown center, 2nd variation
  10. End Titles