TIC g05: The Big Secrets of Tantra

How Tantrics achieve Superhuman Personality through consciousness transformation… and how you can too!

Gold Session 5. The Big Secrets of Tantra’s Left Hand Path: Transform the Mundane into the Divine. Become a Superhuman Personality. Act as a vessel for Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Power, Accumulate the power of Positive Karma, Do Supernatural service for All Beings, Learn to transform of the gross into the subtle: the inner secrets of Tantric Transfiguration, Identification, Consecration, Dedication, Transmutation, and Sublimation

Gold Session 5
The Big Secrets of Tantra:
Transfiguration, Identification, Consecration, Dedication, Transmutation, and Sublimation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 5

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Chapter Titles
1. Titles
2. Transfiguration – 5 easy steps
3. How to circulate energy!
4. Orbiting your lover’s energy
5. How consecration works
6. Identification on multiple levels
7. Afterwards, Dedication
8. The Power of Multiplication
9. Importance of Dedication
10. As Psychic Self Defense
11. Releasing qi you can’t store…
12. Sublimation of Sexual Energy…
13. Transmutation (physical)
14. Sublimation: from low frequency to high
15. Aswini Mudra (horse gesture)
16. Sectoring the Perineum
17. Aswini w/ reverse breathing v1
18. Stay relaxed – don’t strain!
19. If you get too hot!
20. Aswini while orbiting energy
21. More subtle in lovemaking…
22. Use eyes to direct the energy
23. Sectoring to control the nadis
24. For more information…