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TIC g10: The Tantric Mandala | Energy in Erogenous Massage

Move your partner’s energy through real tantric energy massage

Special Bonus DVD: Tantric Meridian Massage: – How provide sensual stimulation while moving the prana (chi) through your lover’s nadis (energy meridians), for health, pleasure, or mutual seduction – guest starring Qi Gong Grandmaster Dr. Glenn Morris, PhD, ScD
And there’s more:

Reality without Form:

Building & Dissolving the Tantric Mandala: Skillfully combine the techniques from the other discs into a unified whole, then dissolve them into formlessness to experience your true nature!

Gold Session 10
Building, Offering, & Dissolving the Tantric Mandala
Manipulating Energy in Erogenous Massage
Special Guest Appearance by Dr Glenn J Morris, PhD, ScD

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Chapter Titles
1. Titles and Disclaimer
2. This Episode…
3. Get the Basics First!
4. Constructing the Mandala
5. Five Cosmic Elements
6. Dissolution
7. Offering and Dedication
8. Four Noble Guests
9. Dr Glenn Morris
10. Energy in E. Massage
11. To relax your lover…
12. To excite your lover…
13. The inner arm…
14. Yin Surfaces
15. Tension in the Back
16. Walking Together
17. The Ear
18. Nape of Neck
19. Sacrum
20. Legs and Feet
21. Five Elements in the Feet
22. Therapy vs Arousal
23. The Hands
24. Eyes in Tips of Fingers
25. The Face
26. Eyes in Tips of the Fingers
27. The Face
28. Migraine Release
29. Facial Erogeny
30. The Throat
31. Vaginal Massage
32. To purchase other great titles…