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TIC p02: Secrets of the Tantric Five Tibetans

Tantric Inner Circle Practice Session Two (streaming video with streaming audio supplement)
Secrets of subtle energy awareness and cultivation
& The Tantric Five Tibetans:

©2004, All Rights Reserved

-The Tantric Five Tibetans: The real secrets of the Tibetan rites of rejuvenation (unpublished in any book)

-Skull Shining and Secrets of Breath Meditation

Chapter Titles:
1. Titles
2. Introduction
3. Complete Breath
4. Kapalabhati “Skull Shining”
5. Alternate Nostril – Clearing
6. Alternate Nostril – Balancing
7. Five Tibetans – Intro
8. Five Tibetans – Easier Practice
9. Five Tibetans – Full Version
10. Five Tibetans – The Practice

Audio CD – Track Titles
1. Secrets of subtle energy awareness, cultivation and structure
2. The channels and dan’tiens
3. Second month Audio CD contents VS. DVD contents
4. Breath awareness and structural secrets in the complete breath
5. Secrets of the skull shining breath (Kapalabhati)
6. Skull Shining continued, paths to Samadhi, intro to alternate nostril breathing…
7. Secret visualizations of the clearing breath (alternate nostril)
8. Secret visualizations of the balancing breath (alternate nostril)
9. Secrets of subtle channel and involuntary muscle control (what regular yoga classes won’t give you…)
10. Five gates breathing (audio cd exclusive!)
11. Why you want to do the five Tibetan rites of rejuvenation – and the inner secrets that you won’t find in books…
12. Awareness secrets in the 1st Tibetan rite…
13. 2nd Tibetan variations, structure and awareness secrets…
14. The secret visualization of the 2nd Tibetan rite
15. 3rd Tibetan structure and secret visualization (basic)
16. 3rd Tibetan advanced visualizations and awareness
17. 4th Tibetan structure and secret visualizations
18. 5th Tibetan variations and structure
19. 5th Tibetan breathing and secret visualizations