TIC p03 Raw Power and Subtle Strength

Tantric Inner Circle Practice Session Three (Streaming Online Video)

p3: Raw Power and Subtle Strength: Secrets of Hindu Vyayam & Hard Qi gong
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Chapter Titles:
1. Titles
2. Gelek – strength for the legs, spine, and core
3. Gelek with Upper Body
4. Gelek in Martial Form
5. Siloh
6. Sempok and Depok
7. Nabhi Asana – centering the navel
8. V-Ups
9. Nabhi Asana pointers
10. Iron Bridge (demo only!)
11. Ways to Practice for strength, vitality, endurance, and subtle development
12. Soft Lohan Qigong
13. Hard Lohan Qigong
14. Balancing and Refining the Qi