TIC p08 Inner Fire and Transmutation

Tantric Inner Circle Practice Session Eight
p8: Metabolism, Drive, Willpower, “Gut” Intuition, and the Inner Fire Basics of Transmutation: Developing Manipura Chakra

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Chapter Titles
1. Titles
2. Fire Principles
3. Activating the Fire
4. Location in the Body
5. (Fire) Safety First
6. Nabhi Bandha
7. First Fire Cleansing
8. Second Fire Cleansing
9. Third Fire Cleansing
10. Fire Massage
11. Uddiyana
12. Nauli demonstrated…
13. Precious Vessel Qi Gong/ Vase Breathing
14. Postures and Vyayam
15. Standing Exercises
16. Adding Fire…
17. Relaxing and Balancing
18. More information…