Tantra is a BIG subject, and many individuals who google the keyword “TANTRA” are seeking not so much the expansion of consciousness and personality that is traditional tantra, but simply a more fulfilling sex life. Our courses integrate sacred sexuality, but we have not yet released a course specifically on sexology… so…

We provide here a few worthy links as excellent resources for those seeking to seeking a more fullfilling, erotic, connected, centered sexuality: to increase sexual vitality and erotic essence, to become multi-orgasmic as a male or female, to increase confidence, increase connection, last longer in bed, learn female ejaculation, etc…

Recommended course for women:

The Desilets Method: Saida Desilets, PhD’s excellent website, featuring her video course, book, cd, dvd’s, etc…

Recommended course for men:

The Alchemy of Man: Sol Sebastian’s site – Taoist sexological training for men.

Recommended Books on sexology, spiritual sex in every religious tradition, taoist sexuality, tantric sexuality, more :

Sexology Books focusing on Multiple Orgasm, lasting longer in bed, etc:

Female Ejaculation books on Amazon

Female Multiple Orgasms

Male Multiple Orgasm books

For our broader reading list on Yoga, Tantra, and Qigong, please click here.