Skeletal Shaking for vitality, bone density, circulation, and freedom from anxiety

As taught in Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You
and Tantric Inner Circle Practice Session One

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Your Questions on Skeletal and Bone Marrow Shaking Answered:

Q: Hello Tao!
I received the “Guru Secrets” package you sent a few days ago and have
been completely immersed in it ever since. I believe that I have
finally found the most effective practices available that I have sought
for so long! Thank you both for making this available! I just have
couple questions regarding some exercises and other things.

Regarding Charana exercise one, Skeletal Shaking. I am confused on how
the tailbone should shake up and down. Is it like tucking in your
sacrum quickly in and out, almost like a humping motion? Or do you
bounce lightly with your knees focusing on moving your tailbone? I’m

Is it only supposed to take me 15 min to do the entire Charana? It is
taking me around 45 min, am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi Andrew —
Thank you for your kind words about our manual…

Let me answer each question in turn:

Regarding skeletal shaking:
For the complete description and video of Skeletal Shaking, and all of the Charana exercises, get Practice Session One of the Tantric Inner Circle and the pdf. manual <"Secrets the Gurus will Never Show You." Skeletal shaking increases bone density by using eccentric motion to stimulate the bone marrow. In plain english, that means the emphasis is on the downward motion, as the knees bend, and the tailbone moves toward the floor. Skeletal shaking also increases sperm production and overall sexual vitality in both men and women. The bone density increase from skeletal shaking has been shown to be both rapid and significant in several recent western medical studies performed in mainland China. The increase in bone density is greater than with any other weight bearing exercise, and involves less wear and tear on the joints than high impact exercises like running and aerobics. One of our students went from 30% bone loss to 0% in just three months, Her MD was astounded, but wrote her experience off to "a statistical anomaly". Energetically, skeletal increases the element of earth (Prithivii Tattva) in the physical body, allowing you to feel more vital, secure, and grounded. The whole exercise here involves several arm positions which would take to long to review here. But to clarify the movement of the tailbone for you, Andrew, first place your mind in your tailbone, and try to "feel" from those nerves. Then... For skeletal shaking, do *not* swing the tailbone forward and backward, which increases fluidity, not solidity (those pelvic tilts or "tucks"are a totally different exercise, used to open up the sacrum). Instead, the knees joints do not move horizontally as they bend. They stay in the same place. To get the right feeling and motion, stand and place your toes and knees up against a wall in front of you, and raise and lower your butt a few inches, keeping the knees touching the wall as you bend them. Now bring yourself off the wall and move the same way during the exercise. Think of your spine like a heavy pile driver, going deep into the earth as you accelerate your tailbone downwards a few inches, stopping suddenly while keeping the body loose and relaxed, so that it feels like your bone marrow keeps traveling downward through the bones for an instant. Breathe deeply and naturally throughout, and recover upwards with minimal acceleration after each downward drop. The spine stays perpendicular to the ground at all times (no "forward-backward "humping" motion). The exercise in its complete form appears on the first Tantric Inner Circle Session DVD.

Regarding how long it takes you to do of Charana: Charana, which also appear in the first month’s DVD, as well as in Secrets The Gurus Will Never Show You, is a practice that works as both warm-up exercises and purifying actions (kriyas) which use the breath, awareness, movement, and relaxation to move prana (energy/ vital breath) through the body. Charana may be done with a few repetitions to warm the body up and loosen the spine and joints. This takes only 15-20 minutes. Or Charana may be used as a longer, slower practice, as
you have experienced, Andrew. I myself have done charana for over 2 hours on occasion. It’s a great practice in itself.

Well, when you perform this simple, powerful group of eight exercises, with all the proper secret attitudes (See Chapter 4 of “Secrets the Gurus will Never Show You”) and with full absorption in your actions, performing charana can and will lead to samadhi (one pointedness), ananda (spiritual bliss or ecstasy), and self-realization. We have experienced it, as have may of our students. Charana are the first exercises we teach, and they are terrifically powerful, simple, and safe!

Keep going Andrew, you’re on the right track! — Tao

Smile, breathe right, and keep your tongue up!
Tao Semko

  • December 5, 2012