Tantra for Security and Prosperity

Have you ever wondered why so many self-proclaimed “yoga practitioners,” “meditators,” and “new-age tantrics” are unappealingly unhealthy and spaced-out? Or why these people who live a supposedly healthy, “spiritual” lifestyle, often feel insecure and seem disconnected from their family and fellow human beings? Sometimes they’re unable able to hold down a job, maintain real relationships, much less create a prosperous life for themselves and their loved

You won’t see that disconnection among Umaa Tantra’s students… Not after they’ve been with us for a few weeks, anyway…

Why, you ask? Because in the Tantric Inner Circle and in our own yoga studios, we immediately teach our students techniques that connect them to their own sources of security, vitality, and prosperity. Real tantrics don’t see a contradiction between successful physical life and
a successful spiritual life.

On a physiological level, most of the fragmented, incomplete spiritual yogas taught in the west exclusively direct blood flow and nerve and endocrine activity upwards in the body – to centers like the thymus, pineal gland, amygdala, and hypothalamus. The incomplete yogas ignore
the lower endocrine glands – the gonads, kidneys, digestive glands, and more. These former centers are all responsible for the mental and emotional experience of spiritual or religious states, but the latter keep your body and mind functional and happy on a day-to-day level.

Spend too much time on the upper centers, without taking care of the lower half of the body, and you end up spaced-out, sedated, unvital, and in debt. It is the lower glands which keep you vital, functional, and enjoying eating well, living well, and staying prosperous.

The lower centers are the foundation of your body. While it is a blessing to live in the penthouse of the building (the upper centers), if the foundation (the lower centers) rots, the whole building falls and that penthouse isn’t worth a penny.

Even “new-age tantrics” don’t balance the two, because they emphasize the gonads, heart, and throat over the tailbone, digestive glands, and brain centers…

An aphorism found in spiritual traditions the world over is “as above, so below…”

The saying has several levels of meaning. Here I’m talking about the need balance both “Earth” and “Heaven.” The lower or earth connection is Energy/Wisdom/ Vitality (Shakti/ Yin) and the upper connection is Observation/Knowledge/Awareness (Shiva/ Yang). Both Earth and Heaven
(lower and upper) are equal parts of Manifestation. Both are equal parts of the Universal or Divine Principle. Why connect to just half when you can experience the whole?

The following is one of the secret techniques that real tantrics use to give themselves both vitality and consciousness – both Prosperity and Realization… It’s very powerful, so try the exercise fully and experience it for yourself…

Now, I want you to try this RIGHT NOW for 10 Full Minutes – You’ll want to take a break from whatever else you’re doing, because I guarantee you will feel more happy, efficient, and brimming with energy when you finish. Once you’re aware of your amazement at the difference the exercise makes, check out Umaa Tantra’s Tantric Inner Circle to learn even more powerful methods of gaining spiritual development while prospering and becoming more connected with the people around you….

So let’s get you connected…
alternate reading a paragraph of the exercise below with practicing it…

Stand up with your knees slightly bent and your tailbone tucked slightly between your legs. Your lower spine becomes a straight, relaxed, vertical line.

Tuck your chin back with the crown of your head high and flat. The upper spine is straight but relaxed. Become aware of your feet, tailbone, and crown of your head. Feel the nerves in each place. Wiggle your feet against the ground. Tap your tailbone gently a few times. Lightly touch your crown for a moment.

Relax and breathe.

Close your eyes and visualize roots extending deep into the Earth from your feet and tailbone, making yourself deeply connected to the Earth..

Send those roots deep into the ground. Think of something real that makes you smile warmly, with love, and let that warm, loving, smiling feeling permeate your whole body as you breathe a few deep diaphragmatic breaths, as if your body were a hollow vessel for your breath and the smiling, warm feeling.

Then begin gently, deeply, slowly inhaling up through your “roots”, up from deep within the Earth, up through those roots, into your feet, legs, pelvis, torso, arms and head, all the way up to the crown of your head, then pause, and then exhale in a long, slow, relaxed release of
tension, smiling down through your body, down into the roots, down into the Earth.

Repeat it slowly, deeply, smiling for at least 27 long breaths, releasing more tension each time you exhale, smiling with gratitude into the Earth. Then begin again, visualize the roots, feeel the connection of the nerves in your feet, legs, and tailbone to the Earth beneath you.

Stay present, centered, and relaxed as you breathe, always aware of the sensations of nerves in your tailbone and feet! Wiggle your feet and toes at anytime to activate the nerves as you breathe. Use a hand to gently tap your tailbone now and then to open up your awareness there!

Smile down through your body again, and smile down into the Earth. Inhale up feelings of security, solidity, vitality, foundation, connectedness, up from deep within the Earth, up through your roots, and up though your legs, pelvis, torso, body, arms and head. Then gently, slowly, exhale that smiling, grateful, secure, supported, loving feeling up through your crown, exhaling to the heavens / universe with gratitude.

Keep breathing deeply and gently while you connect to your own awareness of the Absolute, the Universal, the Divine — from your own tradition or belief system! Connect to a feeling of awe, of splendour, of love and compassion, and inhale it down through the crown of your head, down through your body, being aware still of the smiling, loving warmth, and the awe and splendour of the connection through the crown. Inhale down through your body, down through your legs and feet, exhaling deeply through your roots, exhaling that feeling deep into the Earth with gratitude.

Repeat the upwards and downwards breath with smiling warmth, love, supportedness, connection, awe, and gratitude to the earth and the heavens. Breath deeply, long, and gentle with your diaphragms, filled with emotional content and aware of the sensory connection through your feet, tailbone, and crown. Use physical feeling and awareness.

Use visualization. With your eyes closed, move your eyes up and down with the breath to help you move your awareness. Use the sound of your breath if you are an aural person, and hear the sound moving through those connections… Use your sensory awareness strengths to improve
your sensory awareness weaknesses…

Repeat this breathing from Earth to Heaven and back from Heaven to Earth for another 27 breaths, or 5 minutes… Stop and breathe normally if you get lightheaded or feel discomfort. Constantly relax and remain aware. Do not force the breath. Relax and feel!

Now… if you have issues with security, add in the following: Feel the solidity of the Earth beneath you, and feel the essence of that unconditional support. The earth is always there beneath you, supporting you. You never have to search to find that feeling of support. Feel the ground beneath you. Or lie down one the ground and feel it! Pushing upwards against gravity, holding you up, unconditionally, lovingly, supportingly…

If you have issues with wealth, then picture all the beautiful veins of gold ore within the Earth beneath you. Realize that their sparkling beauty supports you as well.

Connect to that gold supporting you and breathe little champagne bubbles of gold up through your roots, up through your body… and exhale them out to the universe above you, smiling with happiness and gratitude. Then do the same with little sparkling gold coins. See them rain gently back down to you and everyone around you. Repeat this for 27 breaths.

As you breathe, feel this golden breath ebb and flow, without judgement, just as you watch the waves and tides ebb and flow on a quiet day at the beach. Notice how there is always more within your roots as you breath in, and there is always more coming back from the Universe after you breathe out. Wealth, health, and well being – material, emotional, and spiritual, is always there for anyone who knows how to move with the natural flow…

Now, feel yourself. Relaxed… Connected…Supported… Loved… Grounded… Connected Materially and Spiritually… Released from your fears and insecurities and ready to follow your desires…

Keep practicing this daily… It will help you at every level in your life…

Smile, breathe right, and keep your tongue up!
Tao Semko

  • December 5, 2012