Tantra Tips: Lama Yeshe on Tantric Sexuality, Part Two…

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The following wisdom concludes this excerpt of Lama Yeshe’s Introduction to Tantra, Transformation of Desire

“There are vast differences between tantric embrace and ordinary sexual contact. How different these two are becomes clear when we remember that at the time of the completion stage the practitioner has dissolved the energy winds into his or her central channel, thereby experiencing the same mental and physical absorptions occuring at the time of death. Unless these death-like experiences have been entered into with full consciousness and control, it is a farce to talk about tantric embrace. Moreover, while in ordinary sex it is the man who enters the woman’s body, in true tantric embrace, it is the woman’s energy that penetrates the man!”

— Lama Yeshe, Introduction to Buddhist Tantra: A Vision of Totality”

Confused? Stay tuned… I’ll include some clarifications on kundalini, the central channel, and sexuality in higher tantra in this weekend’s Tantra Tips…

Smile, breathe right, and keep your tongue up!

Tao Semko

  • November 29, 2012