Tantra Tips: Relaxing Down Below

Dear Reader,
To relax into more pleasure, whether you’re a man or a woman, start by relaxing the muscles of your pelvic floor. You’ll benefit in the following ways:

1. you’ll feel more varied and subtle levels of pleasure when you make love, moving through your genitals and then throughout your body.

2. if you’re a woman, you’ll feel pleasure more immediately and fully, allowing for rapid and multiple orgasms

3. if you’re a man, you’ll last much longer and become multiorgasmic

How to relax the pelvic floor:

We’ll start with the most basic two techniques:

1. Triple diaphragmatic breathing. You have three main diaphragms in your body. One that divides your chest from your abdomen. Most people breathe from this diaphragm, if only shallowly. Then there are two diaphragms in pelvic floor – one in front and one in back. To truly breathe fully and loosen up your “love muscles”, you should breath with all three diaphragms. Doing so will stretch and strengthen the diaphragms of the pelvic floor, allowing more bloodflow, more circulation, more relaxed nerve sensations, and more
lubrication in the genital region. As an added benefit, you’ll also have better lower digestion, including more regularity.

Try to inhale all the way to the base of your spine, ballooning out your abdomen like a fat buddha, while pushing downwards with your pelvic floor as if you were trying to defecate and urinate. Then exhale all the way back up while gently lifting the pelvic floor
as high as it will go and squeezing your stomach wall back towards your spine. Try to synchronize your breathing with the muscle movements. Keep your chest, neck, and facial muscles relaxed throughout – don’t strain!

Now #2, pelvic massage: sit upright on the floor, bring the soles of your feet together with your knees bent and pointed out like in a butterfly stretch, but place your heels about a foot in front of your groin.

While doing the triple diaphragmatic breathing described above, hold your shins and lean forward, projecting the jaw forward, then rock around to the right, leaning onto your right thigh, then back, bringing the chin into the chest, then around to your left leaning over your left thigh, then back forwards again, stretching the jaw forwards again. Inhale going left and forwards, exhale as you lean right and then back.

Repeat 9 to 18 times, then reverse direction of rotation. Feel your internal organs, breath, and rotation massaging the pelvic floor. When you finish, lie down on your back and continue deep triple diaphragmatic breathing.

Do this for two weeks, everyday for 10 minutes. Smile and relax as you do the routine – even do it while watching stand-up comedy, and be aware of all of the sensations in your pelvis – the results will astound you…

Smile, breathe right, and keep your tongue up!
Tao Semko

  • November 29, 2012