Tao Semko’s Student / Teacher Agreement

Before registering, a potential student must certify the following in an email to info1 @ taosemko .com (remove spaces):

“I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional.

I wish to learn Tantric Yoga/ Alchemical Qigong/ Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process from Tao Semko for the betterment of myself and my fellow beings.

I recognize that learning tantric yoga, alchemical qigong methods and/or Dr. Morris’s Process (KAP) is NOT authorization to teach any of them, and that future authorization to teach may only be granted, entirely at the say-so of Tao Semko, stated exclusively on the Faculty page of the KundaliniAwakeningProcess.com website for KAP, or TaoSemko.com for Tantric Yoga. I understand there is never an additional fee for becoming an instructor, only an additional set of expectations of service, ability, wisdom, knowledge and integrity.

I understand that I must participate in the interactive aspects of the courses to receive all the benefits of the courses.

I understand that once I am accepted as a student, I must make payment as agreed for any particular program, and there are no cancellation refunds. If necessary, I may notify the instructor that I wish to pause while taking a course, and resume later, but payment is still due as agreed.

I understand that all text, audio, and video materials provided with the course are licensed for my personal use only, and at the instructor’s sole discretion, the use of my spouse/ life partner, and that the license is non-transferable. I understand that said materials, and any logins and passwords to them, are not to be shared, posted, bit-torrented, sold, or transferred by any means in electronic or hard copy, and that any materials kept in or delivered by the cloud must be password protected from any outside use.

I certify these things on my word.”

Once a student is accepted, the Instructor agrees: to teach the student in good faith as long as the student follows safety instructions for the KAP practice and treats him or herself, other practitioners, the KAP materials, the Instructors, fellow beings, and the legacy of Dr. Morris with human decency and respect.

Should the student repeatedly act in a manner that is disturbing or hazardous to her/himself and/or others, intentionally disregard safety instructions for practice, or cease to respect the instructors’ time and efforts, the instructor may formally cease instruction of that student through written or electronic notification, with no refund.

This version of Tao Semko’s teacher-student agreement ©2017

  • January 19, 2017