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A treasure trove of previous teachings, available by interview and application only, and released periodically by special notification to Tao’s mailing list, with full online support to those who have completed the application process: apply here

Tantric Hatha, Kriya, and Laya Yogas, Vyayama and Suksma Vayama

  • Secrets of Abdominal Isolation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya: How to erase traumatic visceral muscle memories, undo the knots and blockages of the central channel, and manipulate prana in the left, right, and central channels at will (streaming online instructional video – over 15 hours of progressive video lessons, beginning with preliminary practices, then the physical methods, then the addition of subtle energy awareness and manipulation)
  • Bliss and Ecstasy in Tantric Hatha Yoga: Cloaked in shadow language and skeletal instructions in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gerandha Samhita and Siva Samita, are the methods for producing and maintaining bliss using hatha yoga asana, mudra, and bandha… the secret oral instructions are given here in over a month of streaming progressive video lessons, along with how to keep ojas, prana, and chitta balanced and harmonized throughout the process… (over 40 hours of streaming video instruction). If you think Viparata Karani is “legs up the wall pose”, you may be in for a shock…
  • Rejuvenating and Balancing Sexual Energy and Vitality using Simple Applied Physical Culture How to restore and balance Ojas / Jing Chi by using specific physical principles… (streaming video lessons)
  • Tantric Secrets of Prenatal Hatha Yoga A practice from the practical lore and oral tradition of Tantric hatha yoga: for fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth (streaming video of guided practice)
  • Vyayam as Yoga How to use breath-coordinated physical culture to provide not only great exercise but deep meditative absorption and clarity of mind. (progressive streaming video course)
  • Secrets of Abdominal Isolation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya (step-by-step exercises) | 21 days of guided preliminary practice | 21 days of guided physical practice | 21 days of spiritual practice using nauli with visualization and kinesthetization
  • Bliss and Ecstasy in Tantric Hatha Yoga (40 days of practice videos)
  • Rejuvenating and Balancing Sexual Energy and Vitality using Simple Applied Physical Culture
  • Tantric Secrets of Prenatal Hatha Yoga(useful for both women and men for increased fertility, fluidity, groundedness, relaxation, and groundedness, as well as easier labor and birthing)
  • Vyayam as Yoga Breath-Coordinated Exercise as yoga of breath, mind, body
  • Yogic Physical Culture, Simple, powerful exercises movement and breath as they pertain to mental and energetic states, physical vitality, and libido, creativity, and spiritual connection

Qigong and Internal Alchemy:

  • Sensei Niikura’s Ki Breathing, Basic Four Exercises and Variations
  • Extraordinary Vessel Qigong
  • Shamanic 8 Forces Alchemical Qigong movements for the eight trigrams of the Bagua, in early heaven and later heaven arrangements for internal alchemy, from Sifu Dan Ferrera

Generation and Completion Stage Tantra (Vajrayana, Saiva/Sakta, Ganapatya, Vaishnava)

  • Ganapatya Tantric Deity Yoga Sadhana: a layered self-generation sadhana including visualization, invocation, pranayam, antar japa, mantra and yantra laya, and nadi-vayu yoga… A wondrous and powerful initiation to deity yoga, and a suitable energetic and devotional foundation for Sakta Tantra, Yogini Tantra, and Vajrayana generation stage practices.(Generation and Completion stage practices) to initiate, widen, and unobstruct the internal channels and subtle winds of the body, a create a strong foundation of awareness and blissful, spacious energy…
  • Tantric transformation of negative emotions (in Generation Stage / Deity Yoga vajrayana)
  • Tantric transformations of “negative” emotions – part 2 – introductory “completion stage” practices of the inner channels, winds, chakras…
  • Tsa Lung and Bumpa-Chen (Vase Breathing) for Candali/gTummo
  • Candali/gTummo progressive practices
  • Guru Yoga Sadhana using the UpaGuru (inner guru principle) rather than a human guru – Empowerment and sadhana using mantra, visualization, and proprioceptive awareness
  • Ganapati-Ganesha-Vignesha Frontal Generation Mantra Siddhi Sadhana with Empowerment
  • Ganesha’s Mandala and Ganas, part one: Svananda Dama, the four gates, eight Parshada guardians, 2 protective shaktis, and 3 consort/companion shaktis
  • Ghantapani-Vajrasattva YabYum Crown-Generation Sadhana with Transmission
  • Ganesha’s Mandala and Ganas, part 2: The Sea of Sugar Cane Juice, the Island of Mind-Gems, the Garden of Ideas, the Wish-Fulfilling Idea Trees, the Thrones, The Bhramarambika guards, the Vahana Steed
  • Using Generation Stage Mandala Practices in Yogic and Tantric Application
  • Orthodox and Mystical Approaches to Initiation in the Yogini Tantras

Maithuna and Sexual Yoga

  • a recently translated rare 8th Century Indian Vajrayana Practice Text emphasizing karmamudra practice, with commentaries providing clear instructions on generation stage (deity yoga), completion stage (channel & wind yoga), karmamudra (sexual yoga) and mahamudra (complete yoga) practices, along with introductory materials framing Shravakayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Views and Practices (.pdf ebook)
  • Siva Lata Mudra: A Simple Sexual Yoga (video instruction)
  • Vajroli, Sahajoli, and Swing Mantras in KarmaMudra and Maithuna Sexual Yogas (video instruction)
  • Maithuna: Solo Preliminaries & Foundation Practices

Various other Sadhanas and Practices

  • Planetary Mantra Remedies & Sadhanas
  • Clearing Heavy Energy from the Body: Solar/Lunar Bija Clearing Pranayama
  • Clearing Heavy Energy from the Body: Vajrapani and Mahamaya Mantra Samputs
  • Three-Part Vajrayana Prosperity & Generosity Practice (also aligns you with the natural world)
  • Taoist & Wu Practices for Winter Solstice
  • Practices to Inaugurate the Calendar New Year

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