Course Syllabii: View, Techniques, and Principles of Practice:

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga I:

Introduction and Orientation
Class 1: The Complete Breath
Class 2: Breathing Subtle Energy / 4 factors that inhibit the physical breath
Class 3: the act of conscious eating/drinking
Class 4: food effects on the body and mind
Class 5: opening the body-consciousness, part 1: physical charana
Class 6: opening the subtle body-consciousness – subtle charana
Class 7: Sanctifying the Body, part 1: Nyasa
Class 8: Sanctifying the Body, part 2: Nyasa
Class 9: Seats of Meditation, part 1: exploration of alignment
Class 10: Seats of Meditation: finding the seat
Class 11: Training the Breath and Body Together
Class 12: Training the body and breath together, con’t
Class 13: Purifying Actions – Overview, Kapalabhati with Uddiyana, Tratak
Class 14: Purifying Actions con’t: Neti and the 9 Clearing Breaths
Class 15: The Visual Yogas: eye exercises, shambavi mudra
Class 16: The Visual Yogas: The five directional gazes
Class 17: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes: bodily mudras
Class 18: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes – the Secret Smile
Class 19: Yogas of Sound: internal sound – spoken vowels
Class 20: Yogas of Sound – vocalized vowels as nyasa, bindu visarga (“mnnng”)
Class 21 – Yogas of Sound: using external music
Class 22- Yogas of Sound – Nyasa as auditory laya (absorption)
Class 23 – Cultivating Sexual Energy as an Internal Experience
Class 24 – Circulating Sexual Energy
Summary Session: Foundations Trimester 1

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga 2:

Introduction and Orientation
Class 1: Timing and Breath Ratios in the Complete Breath
Class 2: Breath timing for energy and relaxation| reverse breathing and nabhi bandha
Class 3: Alimentation and Nourishment: timing and sadhana
Class 4: alimentation & nourishment: sleep cycles, adaptogens, and listening to (feeling with) your body
Class 5: Opening the Subtle Body: Adding kumbakha
Class 6: Opening the Subtle Body: kumbhaka with subtle energy awareness and emotional amplification
Class 7: Nyasa in movement…
Class 8: Nyasa with thought forms, in movement
Class 9: Seats of Meditation: abiding in the internal seat while breathing to and from it
Class 10: breathing subtle energy and emotional content to and from the seats of consciousness
Class 11: Training the Breath and Body Together 2
Class 12: Training the body and breath together 2, con’t
Class 13: Purifying Actions – Bhasti
Class 14: Purifying Actions – Vaman Dhauti/Kunjal Kriya
Class 15: The Visual Yogas 2- Shambhavi Mudra in 3-D
Class 16: 3-D Shambhavi Mudra, continued – feeling and projecting
Class 17: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes: Dhyan Mudra
Class 18: Secret Smile in Dhyan Mudra, with correct and incorrect application of the seven points of the posture
Class 19: The Yogas of Sound: AUM – correct pronunciation and practice
Class 20: Yogas of Sound: AUM with 3-D Shambhavi Mudra
Class 21: Nada Yoga part 2: Inner Sound Yoga
Class 22: Inner Sound Yoga with 3-D Shambavi Mudra
Class 23: Integrating sexual energy cultivation/circulation into garuda squats, kapalabhati, uddiyana bandha
Class 24: Integrating sexual/sensual energy with 3-D Shambhavi Mudra
Summary Session: Foundations Trimester 1
Class 25: Summary

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga 3

Introduction and Orientation
Class 1: Space and Time together in the Complete Breath
Class 2: Interiorization of each of the 5 senses in the complete breath
Class 3: Sensory Input as Nutrition and Alimentation | Internal Situational Awareness | The Three Gunas
Class 4: The daily life of a tantric – balancing sensory nutrition, awareness, the gunas and the doshas
Class 5: Charana and the map of the subtle body…
Class 6: Adding chakra/nadi awareness and internal attitude /mudra into charana
Class 7: Nyasa with the chakras and their sanskrit names
Class 8: Nyasa with the Chakras – combining and integrating visualization with sensory perception
Class 9: The chakras as seats of meditation within Suryanamaskar
Class 10: Chakras as Seats of Meditation, adding Secret Smile and chakra attitudes/awarenesses in Suryanamaskar
Class 11: Breath and Body Together: drishti, uddiyana, and vajroli/sahajoli in Suryanamaskar
Class 12: adding subtle breathing & Secret Smile to drishti, uddiyana, sahajoli/vajroli in Suryanamaskar
Class 13: Shat Karma (six purifying actions): Nauli, Shivambu, Danta Dhauti, Vastra Dhauti
Class 14: Shat Karma: Varisara Dhauti/Lagoo Shank Prak Shalana
Class 15: Shambavi Mudra on Empty Space
Class 16: Abiding in Tranquility
Class 17: Yoni Mudra
Class 18: Shanmukhi Mudra (also known as Yoni Mudra)
Class 19: Yogas of Sound: Yoni Mudra with AUM
Class 20: Yogas of Sound: Nyasa with AUM
Class 21: Yogas of Sound: the inner dance
Class 22: Yogas of Sound: Laya Yoga with AUM, naad yoga with inner sound, naad yoga with outer sound
Class 23: Sexual Yogas – reverberation/echo breathing and the undulation of sound and pleasure
Class 24: The Sexual Yogas – Culminating Technique
Summary Session

Dr Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level One:

Class 1: Introduction, Breathing, Posture, Tongue Placement, Gentle Smile
Class 2: Self Massage, Qi Cultivation in the Lower Dan’tien, Dr. Morris’s Secret Smile
Class 3: Energy Circulation – Qigong Sets and the Microcosmic Orbit
Class 4: Five Point Breathing / Five Gates Breathing & the Macrocosmic Orbit
KAP1 Emotional and Physical Release Supplementals
The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and their Cultivation and Harmonization
Class 5: The Chakras and the Central Channel: Earth Element/ Chakra principles and techniques
Class 6: Water and Fire Elements & Chakras, Kan & Li and Tummo principles and techniques, Energy Palpation and Differentiation
Class 7: Wind Element / Chakra principles and techniques, Qi Healing
Class 8: Void Element / Chakras principles and techniques
Class 9: Aura Viewing and Inner Vision – principles and techniques
Class 10: Damo’s Cave Meditation – Integration of the Cognitive/Logical and Creative/Dream Minds
Class 11: Feeding the Chakras
Class 12: Four Noble Guests
Supplemental Music

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level Two:

Class 1: Jing Breathing: Internal Organ Breathing
Class 2: Solo Sexual Cultivation: Ovarian/Testicular Jing Breathing and the Female and Male Deer Exercises
Class 3: Advanced Secret Smile and Esoteric / Hidden Techniques
Class 4: Shen Techniques: Secret Sword/ Templar Sword
Class 5: Dual Cultivation: Merging Orbits
Class 6: Dual Cultivation: Chakra Puja – the Chakras and Elements
Class 7: Jing Cultivation: Bone Breathing – Bone Marrow Washing, (b) Bone Breathing, (c) Chi Packing in the Fascia, Bones, and Marrow
Class 8: Qi Cultivation and Amplification: the Belt Channels/ Girdle Vessel
Class 9: Shen Techniques: Clearing the Body/Mind/ Self-Healing and Clearing
Class 10: Advanced Qi Healing – Healing Others
Class 11: Empowering Objects People Places Spaces Times
Class 12: Using Energy in Groups / Sanghas – Interpersonal and Transpersonal Cultivation
Graduate Bonus Techniques

Intermediate Practices of Tantric Yoga 1

0: Welcome/Orientation (the present post) (Thursday)
1: Kriyas for Earth Element/ Prithvi Tattwa (Tuesday)
2: Asana Practice for Earth Element/ Prithvi Tattwa (Thursday)
3: Kriya Practice for Water Element
4: Asana Practice for Water Element
5: Kriya Practice for Fire Element
6: Asana Practice for Fire Element
7: Kriya Practice for Air Element
8: Asana Practice for Air Element
9: Kriya Practice for Ether/Void Element
10: Asana Practice for Ether/Void Element
11: Balancing, Stacking, Assembling, and Purifying the Tattwas
12: Balancing, Stacking, Assembling, and Purifying the Tattwas 2
13: Adding Tattwa Yantra gazing to the Thursday Tattwa Practices
14: Adding tattwa yantras to Balancing, Stacking, Assembling & Purifying the Elements
15: Adding Tattwa Bija Mantra Laya to the Thursday Tattwa Practices
16: Adding Tattwa Bija and Yantra laya to Balancing, Stacking, Assembling & Purifying the Elements
17: Ojas and Physical Culture 1 – Cultivation and Breath
18: Ojas and Physical Culture 2 – with Shambhavi Mudra and Secret Smile
19: Ojas and Sexual Energy 1 – Self Massage and Physical Cultivation
20: Ojas and Sexual Energy 2 – Polarization of Internal Energies
21: Ojas and Sublimation 1 – Mudra and Bandha revisited
22: Ojas and Sublimation 2 – Sahajoli Mudra in Tantric Hatha Yoga
23: Laya Yoga – Absorption in Presence and Polarity
24: Laya Yoga – adding layers
25: Summary

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s KAP Level Three

Class 1: Upper Alchemy
Class 2: Explosion in the Sacred Heart, Explosion in the Lower Dan’tien
Class 3: Mirror Gazing as a Dynamic Point of Reference
Class 4: Illusory Body Practice: Reflecting on the body, personality, and the manifested external world as interdependent aggregates
Class 5: Dissolving the Elements into the Clear Light Emptiness
Class 6: Deepening and Stabilizing Bliss, Blending it with Emptiness
Class 7: Merging with the Forest Astral
Class 8: Transference and Projection of Consciousness: Phowa
Class 9: Transference and Projection of Consciousness, Part 2
Class 10: Voidwalking: Commentaries on Dr. Morris’s KAP 3 Handouts
Class 11: The higher views of Chöd: Mahamudra Chöd
Class 12: Southern Hospitality – The Ganachakra Feast

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s KAP Level Four

Bonus Class 1: Karmic Healing: Locating, Identifying, and Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Trapped Emotions
Bonus Class 2: Extraordinary Vessel Psychology, Self-Treatment, and Cultivation
Class 1: Meditation with and without Object
Class 2: Nondual Contemplation
Class 3: Cutting Through
Class 3a: Dark Retreat
Class 4: Leaping Over
Bonus: Clearing the Channels and Wheels