What’s Missing from “Modern” Tantra? Part One…

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The New Age movement of the 60’s and 70’s spawned a number of sexual/spiritual practices now lumped together under names like “Modern Tantra,” “Neo-Tantra” “Modern Sex Magick” and “New Age Tantra.” They provide a framework for conscious love and sex that is helpful in the
stress-filled, crowded, sexually programmed modern world. But they missed some BIG pieces of the Tantric puzzle.

I’m going to over-simplify things and give you the core practices of so-called Neo-Tantra or Modern Tantra.Next issue we’ll take a look at what they missed…

1. Eye-gazing (“soul gazing”) between the lovers

2. Harmonization of the lovers through synchronized breathing and awareness of the bodies main nerve centers

3. Release of somatic tension via massage, breathing, and the use of sound (long vocalizations such as “Ahhhhh” while being touched).

4. Emphasis on Male ejaculation control and female multi-orgasmic potential.

5. Emphasis on sensory stimulation of the whole surface of the body, rather than just the “erogenous” zones.

6. A big emphasis on prolonged g-spot orgasm for females, resulting in the “oceanic” or full-body orgasm.

7. Neo-Tantrists also encourage a lot of new-agey pillow talk between lovers like “I worship the goddess within you” and “I worship the god within you.”

The upside of Neo-Tantra: more orgasmic sex, greater feeling of connectedness between lovers, better physical and emotional health.

Next issue: the downside of Neo-Tantra… and why it’s such a narrow chunk of the tantric experience… sexual and otherwise…

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  • December 5, 2012