Cereal Yawning

This morning whilst walking my human betwixt the trees,

sniffing the messages left by my furry friends,

I was determined to elaborate on my human’s previous email, “Starting with a Sigh?“.

You see, as a highly intelligent canine, I often share the wisdom of my body with my furless companion.

When I get up, I sigh to release any tensions and excitement from the dream world —
usually two or three times.

I immediately do a few other things of special physiological significance that perhaps I’ll explain in future dictations, but first, today’s topic:

We walk together, and as we take our morning constitutional,

I follow my few initial morning sighs, by yawning repeatedly as I walk.

I drag out the yawns for maximum effectiveness. Then I continue exploring, read some more scent-mails, and repeat.

Each time I inhale a bunch of exciting gossip through my honker, I wag my tail, sniff some more, meditate on the collective essence, sigh a few times, shake and walk it off… while yawning repeatedly.

Yawning helps me release the built-up tension and excitement from sensory stimulation, and return to a state of clarity governed by my own thoughts and desires.

My human tells me he also yawns to release the buzzing brain-cloud of words and visuals that accumulate while teaching, reading, and paw-swiping his rectangular image-device.

He’ll do a couple physiological sighs, maybe some special secret movements, and then a bunch of longer intentional yawns, mouth wide open like he’s trying to catch flies, as he yawns out all the garbage images, sounds, and feelings he doesn’t need to carry with him anymore.

He’ll continue the intentional yawns as he walks it off, like a kid in drama class releasing emotion.

The walking and yawning together further empties and resets his nervous system to calm, focused, creative clarity.

Once again, his thoughts are governed by his inner dog, rather than the clamoring barks of pee-mail and social pee-dia.

Because what’s more important, really: what Fido or Fluffy down the street ate for breakfast,
or what we’re doing next with our own walk?

No mo’ FOMO for this doggo!

I write my own (never-ending) story!

(Insert Paw Print Here)

For more simple ways to autoregulate, courtesy of my human, check here!

This message from the real boss behind TaoSemko.com

  • August 14, 2023