Mentorship Program

Cultivate, harmonize, manage, and integrate the full range of human experiences – personal, trans-personal, transcendent, and immanent – physical, energetic, and subtle.

Tao’s Mentorship Program for Spiritual Practitioners provides customized guidance with energetic phenomena, including pranic development/ qi cultivation, internal alchemy and the arousal and full integration of kundalini energy, alleviation of kundalini syndrome and qi sickness through self management and cultivation, yogic physical culture, sexual energy cultivation (solo and in patrnership), and more…

Tao helps his students navigate the phenomena of extended human consciousness – rapid self-managed meditative absorption (samadhi), self-access of different layers and realms of individual, trans-personal, transcendent, and immanent consciousness, processing of experiences, integration of splitting and fragmenting of experience in time and space where not caused by physical or psychological injury to the brain.

Have physiological/energetic/spiritual phenomena that other teachers haven’t been able to help you smooth out, utilize, or understand? Qi sickness or kundalini syndrome? Visionary experiences that you don’t believe are psychosis? Spiritual Emergence phenomena? Layered or fragmented experiences of reality?

Tao’s Mentorship Program helps you to empower yourself by giving you understanding and methods for you to implement, and moral support as you do so.

It does not do the work for you. You are the explorer, the player, the director of your destiny.

You can begin the program with a set of goal experiences or abilities you wish to cultivate, or states or understandings you wish to experience — or you can choose to learn a whole esoteric art from fundamentals to advanced techniques.

Either way, Tao will show you how to move from your present state/experience/skill set, to your goal, first mastering whatever fundamental experiences, skills, and understandings you lack, and then assembling them and cultivating them until together they bring you what you seek.

Meet with Tao privately each month, in person or via video conferencing, while simultaneously learning materials from Tao’s online courses at specially discounted rates. Online limiting belief/emotional release sessions with Tao are also available at 1/2 price to members of Tao’s Mentorship Program. You may break up each hour into shorter, more frequent sessions if you prefer – for example, 30 minutes every other week.

$250/month for up to two hours hour of private mentorship, custom materials preparation, and/or required travel time per month.
Need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships are available. This saves $50 on Tao’s usual teaching rate of $200/hour including travel time and materials preparation.
Mentorship also includes 1/2 discount on any online energy/consciousness work with Tao (normally $250/hour, pro-rated)

To register:
-Email your answered applicant questionnaire.
Request 3 references to be emailed in by friends, relatives, mentors, or coworkers
-schedule and do a video interview with Tao Semko
-Acknowledge our polices
-Acceptance by Tao
Tuition Payment

Scheduling your Time with Tao each month:
Please email Tao with your available times, Monday through Friday US Eastern Time