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(Practices open for Tao’s Tantric Yoga and Qigong Practitioner Group only)

October 2017 Schedule

Saturday, September 21st, 3pm US EDT: on gender, sexuality, and personal sovereignty in tantrism

Sunday, September 22th, 8am US EDT: an integrated practice – physical, breath, energy sensory/emotional/intuitive, absorptive

September 2017 Schedule

Saturday, September 16th, 3pm US EDT: Asana Energetics in solo and sexual yoga: laya, nyasa, drishti, kriya and more in hatha, kriya, and maithuna/sambhoga yoga asana

Saturday, September 30th, 3pm US EDT: 3-part Mantric Prosperity and Generosity Practice

August 2017 Schedule:

Sunday, August 20th, 11:30am US EDT: On Mantra Japa and Mantra Laya

July 2017 Schedule:

Sunday July 16, 12noon US EDT (UTC-4): Charana applied in Mahamudra

Sunday July 23, at 11:30am US EDT (UTC-4): Kali MahaVidya MicroSadhanas (dark moon)

Sunday July 30, at 11:30am US EDT (UTC-4): on Karma Mudra (waxing quarter moon)

June 2017 Schedule:

Sunday June 4, 10:30am US EDT (UTC-4): The ins and outs of Samadhi – how to transition into and out of these states, and deepen them, more readily.

Sunday June 11, 10:30am US EDT (UTC-4): Shat Karma as a way to map the subtle experience of embodied awareness, and as a hatha yoga unto itself

May 2017 Schedule:

Sunday May 21, 10:30am US EDT (UTC-4): on principles of Mahamudra

April 2017 Schedule:

1) The Complete Breath
2) Niikura Ki Breathing Basics
3) Kali Sadhanas using Laya, HaTha, and Kriya yoga…

  • Thursday April 6th at 6:00pm US EDT (UTC-4): Personal perspectives on Sadhanas, Tapas, and some general definitions…
  • Tuesday April 11th at 6:00pm US EDT (UTC-4): The Yogic Complete Breath, More Kali Sadhanas
  • Tuesday April 18th: at 6:00pm US EDT (UTC-4): Niikura Ki Breathing, More Kali Sadhanas
  • Tuesday April 25th: at 6:00pm US EDT (UTC-4): More Kali Sadhanas

March 2017 Schedule:

(March Practices open for Tao’s Tantric Yoga and Qigong Practitioner Group only)
March Topics:
1) Amplifying Mantric remedies for Venus (Shukra) retrograde using pranayama and kriya
2) Vyayam (breath-coordinated yogic exercise) sets to improve physical and subtle body integrity and vitality
3) Kali Sadhanas using Laya, HaTha, and Kriya yoga…

  • Introduction: Wednesday March 8th at 6:30pm US Eastern (UTC-5)
  • Thursday March 9th at 6:00pm US Eastern (UTC-5): Venus (and Mars) Mantra Japa
  • Friday March 10th at 6:00pm US Eastern (UTC-5): pranayama and kriya practices to amplify the planetary mantras
  • Monday-Friday March 13th-17th at noon US Eastern Daylight (UTC-4): Vyayam
  • Tuesday March 28, Thursday March 30, 6pm US Eastern Daylight (UTC-4): Kali Sadhana

Live online instruction in Tantric Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Laya Yoga, Raja Yoga, Maithuna, and more) and Alchemical Qigong for Tao Semko’s Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong practitioner’s group