Foundation Practices Trimester 1

  • A twelve week step-by-step experiential introduction to principles and practices of Tantric Yoga...

    Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga I:

    Introduction and Orientation
    Class 1: The Complete Breath
    Class 2: Breathing Subtle Energy / 4 factors that inhibit the physical breath
    Class 3: the act of conscious eating/drinking
    Class 4: food effects on the body and mind
    Class 5: opening the body-consciousness, part 1: physical charana
    Class 6: opening the subtle body-consciousness – subtle charana
    Class 7: Sanctifying the Body, part 1: Nyasa
    Class 8: Sanctifying the Body, part 2: Nyasa
    Class 9: Seats of Meditation, part 1: exploration of alignment
    Class 10: Seats of Meditation: finding the seat
    Class 11: Training the Breath and Body Together
    Class 12: Training the body and breath together, con’t
    Class 13: Purifying Actions – Overview, Kapalabhati with Uddiyana, Tratak
    Class 14: Purifying Actions con’t: Neti and the 9 Clearing Breaths
    Class 15: The Visual Yogas: eye exercises, shambavi mudra
    Class 16: The Visual Yogas: The five directional gazes
    Class 17: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes: bodily mudras
    Class 18: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes – the Secret Smile
    Class 19: Yogas of Sound: internal sound – spoken vowels
    Class 20: Yogas of Sound – vocalized vowels as nyasa, bindu visarga (“mnnng”)
    Class 21 – Yogas of Sound: using external music
    Class 22- Yogas of Sound – Nyasa as auditory laya (absorption)
    Class 23 – Cultivating Sexual Energy as an Internal Experience
    Class 24 – Circulating Sexual Energy
    Summary Session: Foundations Trimester 1

    This item requires an application and interview, and is available to members of the Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner's Group and graduates of Dr. Glenn J Morris's Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level One, with Tao Semko