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Social Sadhanas for Tao’s TY&AQ Practitioner Community

A sadhana is a repeated conscious practice undertaken to create a specific result in the body, the psyche, and/or the environment, and to build useful habit-patterns in the body and brain.

A social sadhana is such a practice done in community, or done individually with mutual support.

Instructions for the social practice challenges within Tao’s Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group:

Go to the “secret” MeWe.com group for the Practitioner Community, and find the post for this Month’s 21-day practice challenge.

Each Thursday during and immediately after the 21-day challenge, comment below the Challenge Post with your experiences that week during/ around the sadhana (and support others doing the same).

Use text, photos, video, audio, as you please, to express yourself. Get and give support using any of these in the comment stream from your fellow practitioners…

At the end of your stream of comments, On the Thursday following the conclusion of your 21 days of practice, comment that you have finished and tag Tao so that he may add the credits to your credit account!

If you miss one day during the 21, continue the next day and add a day to your 21… If you miss two consecutive days, or a total of 3 non-consecutive days during the 21, you can (and must immediately, if you want credit) start the 21 over!

You may do the day’s practice any time, day or night, before you sleep at the conclusion of your day on each “day” of the 21 days…

The payoff for the social media aspect:
Aside from experiencing and sharing the benefits of the practice itself, you can accumulate credits for streaming video courses on Tao’s website. Monthly members of Tao’s Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group can apply the credits to a wide variety of learning materials inside their credit store.