A sadhana is a repeated conscious practice undertaken to create a specific result in the body, the psyche, or the environment, and to build useful habit-patterns in the body and brain. Below you will find links to blog posts on TaoSemko.com describing a whole host of sadhanas, and their benefits. The time commitment will range from 5 to 20 minutes daily depending on the practice you select.

While sadhanas are usually done as a solitary and sometimes secret affair, the following all have both mundane and spiritual benefit, and none of them are considered secret practices anymore. Sharing these particular practices and their fruits can be of great social benefit.

Social Media instructions for the practice challenges:
Comment at the bottom of the pertinent blog post on the day you begin, declaring your intent to practice and socially share your practice results for any duration from one week up to six weeks, and a link to the social media profile/channel(s) you will use to document the practice, such as “https://Twitter.com/TaoSemko

Leave a comment there again at the end of each week of practice detailing what your daily practice has been, and what feelings/experiences it has yielded.

In addition, post text or audio descriptions, photos and/or video on your evergreen public social media channel of choice (any public profile or channel on twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, tumblr, wordpress, blogger, etc.) during that week, giving more insight into your experiences with the practice and its benefits. Include the hashtag #SocialSadhana and a link to the page of your challenge description on TaoSemko.com, where you first commented.

Once again, you comment on your chosen challenge’s page on TaoSemko.com, at the beginning of the challenge, and then weekly,
and also do social media hyperlinked to the blog a few times a week…

If you feel the desire to keep your challenge posts separate from your business/professional/social identity, you can create a separate (but public) social media account for challenges under a creative pen name/pseudonym/avatar, and you can choose what mix of text, photos, audio, or video you wish to use to suit your personality.

A text entry could be a series of tweets, a blog or Facebook entry that journals the practice and its results in simple description, or if you feel artistic, an inspired poem. Audio entries on Tumblr or elsewhere can be an voice journal, or spoken word/poetry impressions as well, though the hashtage and text hyperlink back to the challenge must also be included as typed text.

A photo or video post on your social media channel could be of you doing the practice, or it could be an art piece inspired by the practice or a found artwork (credited to the creator) demonstrating feelings or experiences from the practice, or even a dance choreography you dance inspired by the experience or results of your practice –

Just always include a caption connecting the social media entry to the practice including the hashtag #SocialSadhana and a direct link to the page of the challenge on TaoSemko.com where you comment weekly, such as #SocialSadhana https://taosemko.com/ganapati-root-mantra-socialsadhana/

The payoff for the social media aspect:
Aside from experiencing and sharing the benefits of the practice itself, you can accumulate credits for streaming video courses on Tao’s website. Monthly members of Tao’s Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong Practitioner Group can apply the credits to a wide variety of learning materials inside their credit store. Non-members can contact the site when they accumulate 60 credits worth of challenges to unlock 20+ hours of video materials that teach both the physical and esoteric practices of uddiyana bandha and nauli kriya to see if they like learning from Tao’s site and might wish to apply to join his Practitioner Group.

Caution: Always get your doctor’s permission before beginning any new regimen of breath-work or physical exercise to be sure it is appropriate for your current state of health, and seek proper in-person instruction to ascertain the important safety points of any particular practice. Tao Semko and The Integrated Cultivation Group will not be held liable for injury or illness from improper practice or practice of sadhanas inappropriate for your current health or fitness.

Lovingly Respect your body, personality, and consciousness, and those of all beings,
and Lovingly Respect these practices. Many of them have the potential to cause you quite some grief if you practice them flippantly, and enormous benefit if you give them (and yourself) their due. You may eventually do several sadhanas each day, in fact, several of the Mind and Body sadhanas (such as Thoppukaranam and alternate-nostril/ratio based breathing) can be done with some internal mantra recitation to amplify the mantram’s effects, that said, begin gradually and simply if you do not have previous success practicing multiple disciplines simultaneously.

108 Morning and Night: Mantra Recitation Challenges
Please note: Though the singular of mantra in Sanskrit is mantram, the english convention of saying “a mantra” is used here for ease of use and web search.

Body and Breath Challenges:

  1. Grounded, Sharper Focus, Cognition, and Short Term Memory: Thoppu-Karanam
  2. Solarizing the Body and Mind: 12 x SuryaNamaskar
  3. Clearing turbulence in the breath and in the mind: 9 clearing breaths
  4. Simple alternate-nostril and ratio-based breathing for mind and body.
  5. Shining the Skull: Kapalabhati
  6. Shiva’s Absorption: Gazing and simple Visual Yoga
  7. Increased Vitality: The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation