Tantra Tips: Congestion VS. Pleasure

Dear Reader,
Ever feel “all bottled-up?”

Today’s tip is common sense that’s not so common. The idea is this: If you want to be able to build and enjoy boundless sexual energy, it’s gotta have someplace to go. Or, whether you’re male or female, you never get to enjoy it. But don’t worry… there are simple solutions…

In the last Tantra Tip you saw:

“Is sexual arousal building into an uncomfortable feeling of congestion around your genitals, begging for a quick and unceremonious release? Or is it circulating throughout your body in a delicious tingling sensation, including stimulating the higher centers in your brain and heart?”

If that feeling of congestion is building up down below, and you can’t circulate the energy, you’ve got to release the congestion if you hope to have energy later on. The alternative isn’t pretty.

If you stay this ‘wound up”…
and you’re a man, you’ll probably ejaculate too quickly for your lover and
1) fall asleep or
2) get moody,
either way leaving your lover less than satisfied…

If you’re a woman, you’ll either
1) be too tense to orgasm,
2) have an outwardly projected, superficial clitoral orgasm and be exhausted, hyper-sensitive, and unwilling to continue, leaving your lover frustrated, or,
3) you’ll orgasm several times, but feel the sensations only near your sexual region. Afterwards you’ll feel initially hyper and revved up, and then you’ll burn off the energy with activity or talk, and feel spent and unsatisfied.

if you’re able to circulate the energy, you’ll be able to rapidly feel the pleasure throughout your entire body, instead of just in your sex, and (if a man) you’ll be able to orgasm independently of ejaculation, and quite possibly become aware of the vast dynamic reservoir of energy within yourself and all around you!

Whether your a man or a woman, you’ll be powerfully multi-orgasmic, yet still centered and relaxed.

So what’s stopping you?
Usually, weakness, tension, or blockages in 4 places…
1) the muscles of your pelvic floor may be weak, or
2) the muscles of your pelvic floor may be perpetually tense and held tight (in other words, if you’re what we professionals call a “tight-ass”), or
3) your intestines and stomach may be bloated with food, waste, or gas and are pushing down on your sexual region, or
3) your mid-section may be spreading with age and your “core” musculature can’t keep enough evenly distributed internal pressure in
your abdomen, or
4) you may have a lot of emotional tension in your solar plexus and thus in your thoracic diaphragm (the smooth muscle you breathe with – it divides your chest from your abdomen) or
5) if any part of your spine is substantially compressed or subluxed, especially if you have tension in your sacrum, lower back, neck, or at the base of your skull.

If you don’t have any of these blockages, the energy will circulate on its own – all you have to do is breathe properly. And if you
faithfully read Wednesday’s Tantra Tips, you already know how to breath for maximum pleasure and awareness when making love.
If you do have trouble feeling pleasure throughout your body…
If you do have trouble lasting (as a man)
If you do have trouble relaxing quickly into orgasm and pleasure (as a woman)
Or if sex feels more like an itch you’ve gotta scratch than a delectable, mind-blowing pleasure, then tomorrow’s Tantra Tip is right
up your alley…

Until then,

Smile, breathe right, and keep your tongue up!

Tao Semko

  • November 29, 2012