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Deluxe TYPG Video Library of Principles and Practices

A huge expansion on the TYPG Video Library, the Deluxe Video Library is an extensive streaming multimedia library of video classes, lectures, and guided practices with recordings spanning from 2001 to the present, with included live Group Zoom support monthly plus included bookable Personal Zoom support, and the addition of new streaming materials as Tao presents them. Monthly fee for library and Zoom coaching on those materials; membership available by application and interview. US$900 for admission, then $110/monthly thereafter for Zoom coaching and continued access; scholarships available by economic and cultural circumstance.

Includes the full TYPG Video library, plus an additional archive including all the video materials from Umaa Tantra (1999-2005), the Tantric Inner Circle (2003-2006), College of Tantric Yogas (2010-2014), and Tantric Yoga Practitioner Group (2017-present)

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Deluxe Video Library includes everything in the TYPG Video Library and monthly TYPG group Zoom Q&A, plus 30 minutes of personal Zoom available via Calendly scheduler each month and the following treasure trove of additional media:

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga 2:

  • Introduction and Orientation
  • Class 1: Timing and Breath Ratios in the Complete Breath
  • Class 2: Breath timing for energy and relaxation| reverse breathing and nabhi bandha
  • Class 3: Alimentation and Nourishment: timing and sadhana
  • Class 4: alimentation & nourishment: sleep cycles, adaptogens, and listening to (feeling with) your body
  • Class 5: Opening the Subtle Body: Adding kumbakha
  • Class 6: Opening the Subtle Body: kumbhaka with subtle energy awareness and emotional amplification
  • Class 7: Nyasa in movement…
  • Class 8: Nyasa with thought forms, in movement
  • Class 9: Seats of Meditation: abiding in the internal seat while breathing to and from it
  • Class 10: breathing subtle energy and emotional content to and from the seats of consciousness
  • Class 11: Training the Breath and Body Together 2
  • Class 12: Training the body and breath together 2, con’t
  • Class 13: Purifying Actions – Bhasti
  • Class 14: Purifying Actions – Vaman Dhauti/Kunjal Kriya
  • Class 15: The Visual Yogas 2- Shambhavi Mudra in 3-D
  • Class 16: 3-D Shambhavi Mudra, continued – feeling and projecting
  • Class 17: Gestures, Seals, and Inner Attitudes: Dhyan Mudra
  • Class 18: Secret Smile in Dhyan Mudra, with correct and incorrect application of the seven points of the posture
  • Class 19: The Yogas of Sound: AUM – correct pronunciation and practice
  • Class 20: Yogas of Sound: AUM with 3-D Shambhavi Mudra
  • Class 21: Nada Yoga part 2: Inner Sound Yoga
  • Class 22: Inner Sound Yoga with 3-D Shambavi Mudra
  • Class 23: Integrating sexual energy cultivation/circulation into garuda squats, kapalabhati, uddiyana bandha
  • Class 24: Integrating sexual/sensual energy with 3-D Shambhavi Mudra
  • Class 25: Summary

Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga 3

  • Introduction and Orientation
  • Class 1: Space and Time together in the Complete Breath
  • Class 2: Interiorization of each of the 5 senses in the complete breath
  • Class 3: Sensory Input as Nutrition and Alimentation | Internal Situational Awareness | The Three Gunas
  • Class 4: The daily life of a tantric – balancing sensory nutrition, awareness, the gunas and the doshas
  • Class 5: Charana and the map of the subtle body…
  • Class 6: Adding chakra/nadi awareness and internal attitude /mudra into charana
  • Class 7: Nyasa with the chakras and their sanskrit names
  • Class 8: Nyasa with the Chakras – combining and integrating visualization with sensory perception
  • Class 9: The chakras as seats of meditation within Suryanamaskar
  • Class 10: Chakras as Seats of Meditation, adding Secret Smile and chakra attitudes/awarenesses in Suryanamaskar
  • Class 11: Breath and Body Together: drishti, uddiyana, and vajroli/sahajoli in Suryanamaskar
  • Class 12: adding subtle breathing & Secret Smile to drishti, uddiyana, sahajoli/vajroli in Suryanamaskar
  • Class 13: Shat Karma (six purifying actions): Nauli, Shivambu, Danta Dhauti, Vastra Dhauti
  • Class 14: Shat Karma: Varisara Dhauti/Lagoo Shank Prak Shalana
  • Class 15: Shambavi Mudra on Empty Space
  • Class 16: Abiding in Tranquility
  • Class 17: Yoni Mudra
  • Class 18: Shanmukhi Mudra (also known as Yoni Mudra)
  • Class 19: Yogas of Sound: Yoni Mudra with AUM
  • Class 20: Yogas of Sound: Nyasa with AUM
  • Class 21: Yogas of Sound: the inner dance
  • Class 22: Yogas of Sound: Laya Yoga with AUM, naad yoga with inner sound, naad yoga with outer sound
  • Class 23: Sexual Yogas – reverberation/echo breathing and the undulation of sound and pleasure
  • Class 24: The Sexual Yogas – Culminating Technique
  • Class 25: Summary Session

Intermediate Practices of Tantric Yoga 1

  • 0: Welcome/Orientation (the present post) (Thursday)
  • 1: Kriyas for Earth Element/ Prithvi Tattwa (Tuesday)
  • 2: Asana Practice for Earth Element/ Prithvi Tattwa (Thursday)
  • 3: Kriya Practice for Water Element
  • 4: Asana Practice for Water Element
  • 5: Kriya Practice for Fire Element
  • 6: Asana Practice for Fire Element
  • 7: Kriya Practice for Air Element
  • 8: Asana Practice for Air Element
  • 9: Kriya Practice for Ether/Void Element
  • 10: Asana Practice for Ether/Void Element
  • 11: Balancing, Stacking, Assembling, and Purifying the Tattwas
  • 12: Balancing, Stacking, Assembling, and Purifying the Tattwas 2
  • 13: Adding Tattwa Yantra gazing to the Thursday Tattwa Practices
  • 14: Adding tattwa yantras to Balancing, Stacking, Assembling & Purifying the Elements
  • 15: Adding Tattwa Bija Mantra Laya to the Thursday Tattwa Practices
  • 16: Adding Tattwa Bija and Yantra laya to Balancing, Stacking, Assembling & Purifying the Elements
  • 17: Ojas and Physical Culture 1 – Cultivation and Breath
  • 18: Ojas and Physical Culture 2 – with Shambhavi Mudra and Secret Smile
  • 19: Ojas and Sexual Energy 1 – Self Massage and Physical Cultivation
  • 20: Ojas and Sexual Energy 2 – Polarization of Internal Energies
  • 21: Ojas and Sublimation 1 – Mudra and Bandha revisited
  • 22: Ojas and Sublimation 2 – Sahajoli Mudra in Tantric Hatha Yoga
  • 23: Laya Yoga – Absorption in Presence and Polarity
  • 24: Laya Yoga – adding layers
  • 25: Summary

From the Tantric Inner Circle (2003-2006)

Tantric Inner Circle Practice Sessions 1-12
“Mastering your mind, body, and the elements through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sukshma Vyayam” The Full Table of Contents: Video Chapters and Audio Tracks

  • p1 – Healthy Breathing, Bone Strength, Dynamic Rooting, and Total Relaxation
  • p2 – Secrets of subtle energy awareness and cultivation & The Tantric Five Tibetans:
    Tantric Five Tibetans: The real secrets of the Tibetan rites of rejuvenation – unpublished in any book!
    Skull Shining and Secrets of Breath Meditation
  • p3 – Raw Power and Subtle Strength: Secrets of Hindu Vyayam & Hard Qi gong
  • p4 – Using cosmic energy: Secrets of self-purification in standing postures
  • p5 – Breath Control and Your Mind: Secrets of Shambavi Mudra
  • p6 – Secret Powers of the Earth: Developing Muladhara Chakra
  • p7 – Fluidity and Sexual Energy – Secrets of Creativity and Dynamism: Developing Swadisthana Chakra
  • p8 – Metabolism, Drive, Willpower, “Gut” Intuition, and the Inner Fire Basics of Transmutation: Developing Manipura Chakra
  • p9 – Compassion and Freedom: The Air Element: Developing Anahata Chakra
  • p10 – Akasha as Time and Space: Concept, Karma, and Communication: Developing Vishudda Chakra
  • p11 – Ajna, Non-Duality & the Non-Conceptual Mind: Developing your Ajna Chakra
  • p12 – The Universal Sublime: Divinity, Awe, & Splendor: Opening Sahashrara
  • b1The T.I.C. All-Member Bonus Video: Pranic Spiraling, Pranic Compression, and Your Kundalini – A Method of internal balance and union

Tantric Inner Circle Gold Bonus Videos 1-12
Original Brochure | Full Table of Contents: Chapter Headings

  • g1 – Earth, Water, & Fire: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 1
  • g2 – Air and Ether: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 2
  • g3 – The Third Eye, The Absolute, & Transfiguration of the Beloved: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 3
  • g4 – The Ritual Lovemaking Postures/ Secret Teachings of Chakra Puja: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 4
  • g5 – The Big Secrets of Tantra: Transfiguration, Identification, Consecration, Dedication, Transmutation, and Sublimation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 5
  • g6 – Secrets of Mudra and Bandha: Transmutation, Sublimation, Circulation: Secrets of Esoteric Anatomy 6
  • g7 – Foundations of Prana, Shabda, and Kriya: Breath, Primordial Sound, & Action of Consciousness for health, sexual union, and self-realization
  • g8 – Lovemaking as Kriya Yoga — for health, subtle awareness and realization
    Sexual Fitness, Part One — External sexual fitness, with practical applications
  • g9 – QiGong Energetic and Spiritual Healing
    1) Empowering Yourself through qigong as a vessel for the healing energy of the earth and cosmos; 2) The Power of Self, Partner, and Distant Healing 3) How to bless in secret…
  • g10 – Building, Offering, & Dissolving the Tantric Mandala – Manipulating Energy in Erogenous Massage – Special Guest Appearance by Dr Glenn J Morris, PhD, ScD
  • g11, discs a, b, c – Qi Packing in the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit for health, energy cultivation, and martial development
  • g12 – Martial QiGong Principles for Self-Protection and Health

Social Sadhanas:

  • Laya in the Central Bindu of the Dharmodaya: Naad and Deity Mantra/Yantra Laya in the Heartspace – July 2019 TYPG Social Sadhana
  • Ten Minute Sensory Absorption -August 2019 Social Sadhana – plus Customized Daily Live Practices from Previous Curriculae
  • Creating a Loving Energetic Boundary, and Balanced Giving & Receiving – September 2019 TYPG Social Sadhana
  • Avishkara, Mantra Japa, and Laya with TriDevi: October 2019 Social Sadhana
  • Adding Mantra and Deity Yoga to Tsa-Lung Trul Khor and Bumpa-Chen – November 2019 TYPG Social Sadhana (Deluxe)
  • September 2020 TYPG: Uddiyana and Nauli Revisited and Elaborated (Sep and Oct, 2020, Deluxe)

Tantric Hatha, Kriya, and Laya Yogas, Vyayama and Suksma Vyayama

  • Secrets of Abdominal Isolation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya (step-by-step exercises) | 21 days of guided preliminary practice | 21 days of guided physical practice | 21 days of spiritual practice using nauli with visualization and kinesthetization
  • September and October 2020 uddiyana and nauli revisited and elaborated/
  • Bliss and Ecstasy in Tantric Hatha Yoga (40 days of practice videos)
  • Rejuvenating and Balancing Sexual Energy and Vitality using Simple Applied Physical Culture
  • Tantric Secrets of Prenatal Hatha Yoga(useful for both women and men for increased fertility, fluidity, groundedness, relaxation, and groundedness, as well as easier labor and birthing)
  • Vyayam as Yoga Breath-Coordinated exercise as yoga of breath, mind, body
  • Yogic Physical Culture, Simple, powerful exercises movement and breath as they pertain to mental and energetic states, physical vitality, and libido, creativity, and spiritual connection

Qigong and Internal Alchemy:

  • Sensei Niikura’s Ki Breathing, Basic Four Exercises and Variations
  • Extraordinary Vessel Qigong
  • Extraordinary Vessel Master-Couple Point Self-Cultivation
  • Shamanic 8 Forces Alchemical QigongQigong movements for the eight trigrams of the Bagua, in early heaven and later heaven arrangements for internal alchemy…

Sadhanas and Ceremonies

  • Planetary Mantra Remedies & Sadhanas
  • Clearing Heavy Energy from the Body: Solar/Lunar Bija Clearing Pranayama
  • Mantras for Clearing Heavy Energy: Vajrapani and Mahamaya Samputs
  • Three-Part Prosperity & Generosity Practice (also aligns you with the natural world)

Teachings on Sexual Yoga:

  • Siva Lata Mudra: A Simple Sexual Yoga
  • Kriya yoga versions of Vajroli, Sahajoli, and Swing Mantras
  • Maithuna: Solo Preliminaries & Foundation Practices

Practices for Dates and Times:

  • Taoist & Wu Practices for Winter Solstice
  • Practices to Inaugurate the Calendar New Year

Deity Yoga and Inner Tantric Yoga

  • The Great Bliss , a recently translated rare 8th Century Indian Vajrayana Practice Text emphasizing karmamudra practice (see chapters 10 and 11 in this huge .pdf ebook)(the book, by Karma Kagyu lama John Houseman, also teaches completion stage practices)
  • Ganapatya Deity Yoga Sadhana to initiate, widen, and unobstruct the internal channels and subtle winds of the body, and create a strong foundation of awareness and blissful, spacious energy…
  • Tantric transformation of negative emotions via Deity Yoga
  • Tantric transformations of “negative” emotions – part 2 – introductory “completion stage” practices of the nadis, vayus, chakras…
  • Nadi/Vayu/Chakra Yogas and Pranayama for Candali practices
  • Candali progressive practices
  • Guru Yoga Sadhana using the UpaGuru (inner guru principle) rather than a human guru – Empowerment and sadhana using mantra, visualization, and proprioceptive awareness
  • Ganapati-Ganesha-Vignesha Frontal Generation Mantra Siddhi Sadhana with Transmission
  • Using Generation Stage Mandala Practices in Yogic and Tantric Application (March 24, 2019)
  • Ganesha’s Mandala and Ganas, part one: Svananda Dama, the four gates, eight Parshada guardians, 2 protective shaktis, and 3 consort/companion shaktis (January 20, 2019, Deluxe)
  • Ganesha’s Mandala and Ganas, part 2: The Sea of Sugar Cane Juice, the Island of Mind-Gems, the Garden of Ideas, the Wish-Fulfilling Idea Trees, the Thrones, The Bhramarambika guards, the Vahana Steed (March 3, 2019)
  • Ganesha Chaturthi practice of the Abode of Bliss (September 2, 2019, Deluxe)
  • Using Deity Yoga and Mandala Practices in Yogic and Tantric Application
  • Orthodox and Mystical Approaches to Initiation in the Yogini Tantras
  • An Introduction to Yogini and Dakini Deity Practices in Tantric Yoga (November 2019, Deluxe)