February 2018 Update:

Video Cloud Meetings and Open Video Discussions/Q&A’s

Tao currently has three types of video meetings available:

  1. Interview to Join Tao’s Programs (mutual interview, 15 minutes)
  2. Weekly Group Discussion / Q & A for Tao’s past and current students and his Practitioner Community
  3. Student Short Private Videochat Q&A for current students of Tao’s Mentorship program, KAP classes, and College of Tantric Yogas curriculum classes and sadhanas on the free video meetings platform (9 minutes)

Individuals who schedule free appointments for assistance, but repeatedly disregard the recommendations Tao gives and return to ask for more advice, are depriving other students and Tao of valuable time together, and as such, further appointments by these individuals will be cancelled.

Tao respectfully reserves the right to refuse or cancel any appointment.