Individual Student Q&A

Tao uses Zoom Cloud Meetings for all online appointments.

Tao’s KAP and Practitioner Group Students – please email Tao at info1 @ taosemko .com (remove spaces) with times and days that could work for you, and your current timezone!

Times Available:
Tao accepts appointments Monday-Friday, 10am – 8:30pm (UTC-4 timezone -EDT- through November 3, 2019 and UTC-5 timezone -EST- from November 3 through March ), contingent upon his teaching schedule and family responsibilities.

Video Meeting Platform:
Tao is using as his free videochat platform.

Zoom Instructional Video:

Tao will email you the Meeting Room ID to use (and current password, if any) when you make your appointment. If speaking via phone is more practical, please tell Tao in your scheduling email, and provide him with your mobile phone number.