Students and Clients: Personal Zoom Q&A

Tao’s KAP and Practitioner Group Students and Etheric EV and Session Clients – schedule 15 minutes of private Q&A on materials from your courses with Tao, on experiences practicing those materials, and on session/ post session experiences:

Please use the calendar above to schedule, or click here to schedule your 15-minute appointment on! Please note that some Virtual Private Networks disable Calendly’s scheduler interface.

For students in East Asia and Australasia (Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, etc), additional times are available on the scheduler below:

Video Meeting Platform:

Zoom Instructional Video:

Calendly will email you the Zoom Meeting Room ID to use (and current password, if any) when you make your appointment.

If speaking via phone is more practical, please tell Tao in your scheduling email, and provide him with your mobile phone number.

Please email Tao at info1 @ taosemko .com (remove spaces) if you have any difficulties booking an appointment via Calendly