Individual Student Q&A Appointments

The group Q&A session schedule may be found here.

Private Skype calls for current students of Tao’s Mentorship program, KAP classes, and tantric yoga curriculum classes and sadhanas

Private Skype Q&A for questions about experiences of a nature that students feel uncomfortable talking about in front of classmates during the Open Q&A sessions on, or for students with time zones / work schedules that prohibit being on the Open Q&A’s.

Appointments are currently available Thursday evenings, US Eastern Time (UTC-5 winter, UTC-4 summer). Please note that your login for Tao’s websites is independent of your login for the appointment scheduler (passwords will only be the same if you make them the same).

Please book using the form above, or email Tao at appointments @ (remove spaces) with your availability for such an appointment if the above times do not suit you.

Enrolled and Graduated Students:

Practitioner group members may use one private Q&A per month in addition to the Open Q&A opportunities. Students currently enrolled in additional KAP or Tantric Yoga Curriculum courses or sadhanas, or Tao’s Mentorship Program, may use these Private Skype calls weekly where it is useful.

Previous Students not currently enrolled in a course are encouraged to use the sessions when they need clarification on a practice or principle from their courses, or to share or inquire about an experience stemming from their course practices.