Consult with Me

I love helping and mentoring fellow practitioners and enthusiasts.

I can help you:

  • Improve your current cultivation of mind, energy, and body, and learn new skills, from fundamentals to the most esoteric advanced techniques, in a customized format.
  • Learn to intentionally access transpersonal, transcendent, and immanent states, and smoothly transition in and out of them.
  • Learn to perceive energy in yourself and others with empirically reproducible skill and discernment.
  • Master pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and make samadhi a practical skill, not a far-off goal.
  • Better integrate day-to-day life with your spiritual practices and experiences.
  • Improve your intuitive skills, and conversely, more consciously manage existing empathy and perception.
  • Contextualize unusual energetic and consciousness experiences, and understand where they fit in a wide variety of cultural wisdom traditions.

Have a sticking point in your practice?

Want to experience more depth or more joy, or want to better integrate seemingly oppositional aspects of your personality?

Want to move from asanas, “just sitting”, or doing forms and sequences, to actually experiencing the spiritual fruit that all the teaching stories discuss?

Having trouble with bio-energetic phenomena, or experiencing difficulty transitioning between states of consciousness?

I can help you navigate all of these things skillfully: I’m highly intuitive, yet formally educated in hard science and logic. With over two decades of intensive fruit-bearing practice in a wide variety of traditional and syncretic wisdom practices, I can comfortably recognize and contextualize experiences that others might dismiss or be uncomfortable discussing.

I have lived many different livelihoods in a desire to know and experience with more breadth and depth. In my youth I was freelance writer, a machinist, a radio dj, a laboratory technician, a swim coach, a lifeguard, worked retail, was a commercial landlord, property manager, and real estate investor, and more. I’ve professionally taught esoteric yoga, qigong, and internal alchemy for 20+ years.

I have practical experience, success, and expertise in progressions from fundamentals to the most advanced esoteric techniques of a number of eastern traditions, and can articulate and show you the understanding and skills for you to progress in both practice and realization.

Having examined overlapping metaphysical systems and their fruit firsthand, concurrent with my training in physiology, I have an intricate knowledge of the interconnected phenomena of consciousness, energy, and physiology.

If you are experiencing Kundalini syndrome or Chi Sickness from a spontaneous awakening, trauma, or prior imbalanced cultivation, I can show you ways to re-balance yourself, and can recommend specific esoteric submodalities and methods within acupuncture, ayurveda, and osteopathy that can help you do so.

I also have a lot of very talented, gracious friends with very specific skills and abilities whom I recommend when something is more in their wheelhouse than in mine.

I limit the number of consultations I do each week so that I may attend to my regular students and the recording and writing of the programs available on this website. Please try to schedule well in advance.

If you are interested, please submit your application and schedule an interview today! Once Tao has agreed to work with you, you can login to the site and use the internal scheduler.