Consulting and Services

Personal Consultations:

  1. Initial Interview (Discovery Call)
  2. Consulting and Coaching

Consulting – Tao can help you contextualize and navigate unusual states of consciousness, mind-body effects and “idiopathic/psycho-somatic” medical diagnoses and teach you practical skills that help you manage them and thrive. Tao can also teach you to work directly with your nervous and endocrine system to down-regulate and resolve PTSD and Complex PTSD.

Coaching – Tao provides coaching for therapists, practitioners, counselors, coaches, cultivators, and hobbyists alike on worldview, context, skill development and application, strategy and tactics, and integrated cultivation (of breath, physical culture, emotional skills, perceptual skills, and more, and on states and interplays of consciousness including personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, transcendent, and immanent, both dual and non-dual)

Private Training – Training in any of the modalities Tao teaches.

Community-Style Small Group Session Work:

An excellent and more frugal alternative to booking individual sessions! Please see listing of programs on the Live page!

Information on Rates and Payment for Consultations, Lessons, Session Work, etc